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At the Gates Must Deliver on New Record

Last month death metal pioneers At the Gates shocked the world by announcing plans for a new album.

At the Gates, circa 1996

This currently untitled record would be the first since their 1996 masterpiece "Slaughter of the Soul", which saw the band mysteriously break up shortly after its release.

Although the members continued to remain active in the music scene, appearing in various bands such as The Haunted and Lock-Up, At the Gates seemed to be finished.

2008 would set the stage for current affairs.

After years of fans clamoring for a reunion, At the Gates embarked on a reunion tour culminating at that years annual Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock festivals. The former being filmed for the "Purgatory Unleashed" DVD which also included an in-depth documentary of the band.

The success of the tour kept the members optimistic and the band remained active, appearing only at select festival dates throughout the past six years. Their most recent appearance to date will be to headline this years Maryland Death Fest.

Now the reunion has come full circle as At the Gates prepares to enter the studio for the first time in nearly two decades.

For them,the stakes have never been higher.

Not only must At the Gates release a fantastic record, but it must also be on par-if not superior to "Slaughter of the Soul." Should they fail, they will have put themselves in quite the predicament. An average record, this can not be.

Evidence for this will be the responses for Morbid Angel and Carcass' recent releases.

Both bands had not put out albums in a very long time. Both albums were reunions (the key members of Carcass reformed the band, Morbid Angel reunited with their original singer David Vincent). Both albums also were considered "comeback" records. Carcass' album "Surgical Steel" received mostly positive feedback, Morbid Angel's "Illud Divinum Insanus" response was quite the opposite. For Carcass their comeback became an accolade while Morbid Angel's suffered a huge blemish.

At the Gates is under an absurd amount of pressure. Their new album must be a success. They must put as much time and care into it as they possibly can.

Their legacy depends on it.

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