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At the Fest with Larry Kane:Behind the scenes interview on 'When They Were Boys'

Larry Kane, now author of three books on the Beatles, appeared at the Fest for Beatles Fans the weekend of February 7-9, 2014 in New York, to promote his latest book, “When They Were Boys: The True Story of Their Rise to the Top.” During the celebratory weekend of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in America, Larry did a multi-media presentation, lecture, and book-signing. Shelley Germeaux, the John Lennon Examiner, caught up with Larry to do a brief video-taped interview behind the scenes. We asked him about the people the Beatles left behind in Liverpool, and why he decided to make this the focus of his latest book.

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In our interview, (see video this page), I asked Larry about all the people of Liverpool who loved the Beatles and supported their rise to the top. These people got left behind when the Beatles conquered America and became world-wide stars. And yet, they still love them, as indicated by the fact that many of those people were here for this 50th anniversary.

Larry talked about those people: Freda Kelly, Sam Leach, Bill Harry, Allan Williams, Pete Best, and John’s sister Julia Baird. He also mentions Sir Ron Watson, a fan who saw the Beatles hundreds of times at the Cavern, and Ron Ellis, who was tasked with bringing the Beatles records to listen to.

He mentions his belief that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr seem to still be avoiding Pete Best, after fifty-two years. He cites Neil Aspinall’s funeral as a case in point, saying that it was odd that everyone attended, including Pete and his family--except for Paul and Ringo. “I’m not knocking them. I just think it’s odd.”

Despite his conclusion in the book that John’s Aunt Mimi Smith fabricated many of her stories, laughing as he says “the bombs that weren’t falling when she went to the hospital (when John was born),” he said Mimi did a good job with John. “Her stewardship was not bad at all. You couldn’t be a disciplinarian to John and get away with it,” adding with a chuckle, “This is a guy who spent his mornings figuring out how to torment his teachers.”

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