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AT&T to roll out Windows Phone 8.1 update as early as this week

Nokia Lumia 1520 running Microsoft Windows Phone
Karlis Dambrans - Wikimedia Commons

Earlier on this week Microsoft delighted many Windows Phone users by announcing that Windows Phone 8.1 was being released worldwide for Nokia Lumia devices, and today July 22 an AT&T community manager from their official forums stated that the communications giant may release Windows Phone 8.1 to certain devices as early as this week.

The community manager for the AT&T forums (named ATTMarianaCM) responded to a question posted in the forums by an eager Windows Phone fan. After the initial response had been given, the community manager followed up by saying that everyone who is interested in the updates should watch the AT&T community blog for more information. The community blog is where AT&T usually posts all of their latest news for consumers.

Microsoft and part of the Nokia team who oversee updates only started rolling out the WP 8.1 update last week, and only a select few devices (the Lumia 625, Lumia 925, and Lumia 1520 in Finland and India) have so far received the new software.

AT&T has obtained a reputation of being the slowest out of the four major carriers to roll out updates to existing devices on other platforms such as Android, but they have actually been very punctual when it comes to pushing out software for the Windows Phone platform. The Windows Phone 8.1 update, along with the Nokia Cyan update are two of the most highly anticipated launches this year in the smartphone world.

Windows Phone 8.1 will bring many new features to the Windows Phone platform, including Cortana, which is Microsoft’s answer to both the Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now. Cortana has been dubbed the best personal voice assistant to date, and Microsoft are betting big on Cortana to bring the masses to the Windows Phone family. Along with Cortana Windows Phone users will finally receive the new action center (notification center), greatly enhanced customization options, and a faster, more fluid overall user experience.

Current Windows Phone devices on the AT&T network include the Nokia Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, and the Nokia Lumia 520. All of these devices currently run on Windows Phone 8, and are all expected to receive the bump up to the new software when it is released.

Source(s) WPCentral

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