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AT&T's lets Atlanta consumers share favorite restaurants, shops and more.

User reviews are the best way to learn about the preferred businesses in the city and goes beyond traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Now AT&T has launched (Beta), which lets users find the best restaurants, hot spots, tourist attractions and more.

Do you have a new favorite restaurant you'd love to recommend to your friends? Or maybe you need a recommendation for a new dentist? Today, there's a new option for sharing local tips with your friends - from AT&T Interactive.

Social networks have become a central part of many people's lives. According to Nielsen, in 2009, 82 percent more time was spent on social networking sites than in 2008. lets users tap those growing social networks - starting with their friends on Facebook - to discover, share and store recommendations for great local businesses. That means there's no need to build a new community of friends or sift through rants and raves from strangers. Instead, offers users a personalized version of local search, based on the recommendations of people they know and trust.

"We recognize that people are already having conversations online about the best places to go and businesses to call. makes it even easier to discover the businesses your friends recommend," said General Manager Charles Hornberger. "Although the site is still in beta, we're very excited to open it up to anyone who wants to see how we're approaching 'social search' for the local marketplace."

Sharing and finding local favorites on is easy:
* Favorite: "Heart" your faves - whether it's a restaurant, plumber or golf course - to build a personal list of favorites. Add a 160 character comment and tags so that friends know exactly why you love it. Think of it as social bookmarking for your local world.
* Search: On, search is personal. When you search for local businesses, services or places, you immediately see how many of your friends, friends of friends, and the entire network have faved each spot. It's a source of trusted recommendations that may become your new personal favorites.
* Ask and Answer: Start a conversation with friends on or the social network that you already socialize with them on - by asking a question. Whether they answer on or on your Facebook Wall, you can read, reply with a question or comment, and revisit the recommendations later. Reciprocate by answering friends' questions, too.

"We've developed with a strong foundation influenced by AT&T Interactive's leadership and success in local search," said David Krantz, president and CEO of AT&T Interactive. "By offering alongside our other local search properties like YP.COM, we create opportunity to reach a broader - and growing user segment that relies on their community to make decisions. For favorited businesses, it means immediate recognition of a loyal customer and positive exposure among a network of friends." is accessible at on select smart phones so users can access friends' favorites while on the go. Users can expect additional mobile options as the team taps AT&T mobile app development capabilities through the recent Plusmo acquisition.

At its core, leverages the same foundational assets that YP.COM uses to connect millions of users and businesses. Over 21 million business listings, AT&T mobile assets, local business advertiser insight and 5,000+ local market sales counselors contribute to AT&T Interactive's footprint in the local search industry - and commitment to evolving the experience for consumers and advertisers.

Ready to start buzzing? Simply register on and you're in. Join other users and keep up with feature updates by following "buzzdotcom" on Facebook and Twitter.

Let us know what businesses you plan to recommend on

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