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AT&T's BabyFirst U-verse app lets parents get creative with their kids

An app for growing kids, the BabyFirst app
An app for growing kids, the BabyFirst app
Photo by Frazer Harrison

When BabyFirst and AT&T, on Wednesday, May 7 of this week announced the launch of BabyFirst’s U-verse App, parents across the country couldn't stop smiling.

BabyFirst a new app that gives the first-ever second screen experience for babies.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“We are excited to bring to AT&T U-verse families a truly state-of-the-art app that provides endless hours of interactive fun and imagination,” offers Guy Oranim, CEO of BabyFirst. “The app combines the most current technology with traditional creative activities. It makes watching BabyFirst on AT&T U-verse an extraordinary experience for children and parents alike.”

Give credit to AT&T for continuing to give more to U-verse users.

You can watch a video about BabyFirst here:

BabyFirst serves as a guide for growing children. It lets them experience colors, animals, shapes, along with working on hand-eye coordination. It reaches a demographic that is sorely lacking when it comes to apps- babies and toddlers.

Children love technology. Even at a young age, BabyFirst and U-verse TV excel at meeting the needs of babies/toddlers and their parents with safe, family-friendly applications and compelling content.

AT&T BabyFirst's U-verse App is available for download and for free on iOS. U-verse customers will see the interactivity between the app and TV, while non-U-verse customers can enjoy activities on the app also. To find out if it's available in your area - visit

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