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AT&T recommends apps for national “Don’t Be a Bully” month

AT&T gives some app tips for those that might be bullied
AT&T gives some app tips for those that might be bullied
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

August is national "Don't Be a Bully" month and AT&T wants everyone to know that they take this issue seriously.

Kids today deal with it in our schools, on the streets and on their smartphones.

About nine out of ten teens have a cell phone and about 20% of them will be a victim of a text bully. It can happen to anyone.

Since August has been deemed national “Don’t Be a Bully” month, AT&T has a great list of anti-bullying apps to keep on your smartphone:


For Apple and Android, and at 99 cents, this app allows users to secretly record verbal threats issued by bullies. One can also block inappropriate texts and images that might be sent to a child. BullyBlock can also email copies and recordings of these threats to parents, school administrators and law enforcement. All the messages and recordings are stored on the phones SD card.


TipSubmitMobile is a free app for iOS and Android. It allows tipsters to submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers, law enforcement and/or school officials. This is part of TipSoft, the world's largest tip reporting system- and your name will not be given out. Tipsters can also receive rewards.

Bully Stop

An Android app for $1.29 that is well worth the cost. The app uses Block list to block unwanted callers and texts, etc. The app also comes with a password-protected call log of any and all attempted contact with your. So you have this record as evidence.

Bully Button

For IOS users and at 99 cents, Bully Button puts a "panic button" right on your smartphone with this app. You can record and send an email with the audio attached by tapping one button if you are in danger or trouble. Kids can also call a parent or guardian right through the app.

Great apps that are needed for anyone coming into contact with a bully.

AT&T has also provided some additional and alarming facts about bullying:

- Nearly one in three students, ages 12 to 18, reports being bullied at school (Robers, Zhang & Truman, 2012).
- An estimated 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students (Bullying Statistics, 2010).
- During the 2009–2010 school year, nearly one in four public schools reported that bullying occurred among students on a daily or weekly basis (Robers, Zhang, & Truman, 2012).
- Victims of bullying are four times more likely to earn failing grades than their nonbullied peers (DeVoe & Kaffenberger, 2005).
- One in five teens reports being cyber bullied through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices (Hinjuda & Patchin, 2010).

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