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AT&T offering T-Mobile customers up to $450 per line to switch

AT&T T-Mobile switch offer
AT&T T-Mobile switch offer
John Murray III

Last week, AT&T announced that they would be offering T-Mobile customers up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and trade in an eligible smartphone. AT&T indicates that T-Mobile customers will benefit from a more robust 4G LTE network and a better smartphone line-up.

Beginning January 3 for a limited time, T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T can trade-in their current smartphone for a promotion card of up to $250, which can be used toward AT&T products and services. Older smartphones will bring less than newer ones, so stop by a store to see how much your older T-Mobile phone is worth.

T-Mobile customer will also receive an additional $200 credit per line when they transfer their wireless service to AT&T and choose an AT&T Next plan, buy a device at full retail price, or activate a device they currently own. With the AT&T Next plan, customers have the chance to upgrade to a new smartphone every year for $0 down.

AT&T customer can take advantage of AT&T’s new Mobile Share Value plans, which offer data and unlimited talk and text starting as low as $45 per month with no annual contract. If you are a T-Mobile customer who is thinking about upgrading, now many be the time to switch or consider your options.

Stop by your local AT&T store to find out how much your smartphone may be worth.