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AT&T Early Termination Lawsuit


Were you contracted with AT&T between January 1, 1998, through November 24, 2009? Were you charged an early termination fee of $150? Customers of AT&T have sued the company, alleging that the EFT charge was unlawful. Depending on what action you take, and what the court determines, this can benefit you. $$$

Your options are:

1. Submit a claim, give up your rights, let the "Class" represent you, and you may be entitled to money.

2. Ask to be excluded, basically being on your own to hire your own attorney, and sue on any matters.

3. Submit an objection, hire your own lawyer and speak for your self.

4. Do nothing, stay as part of the "Class", get no money, and do not get to sue later.

These options have due dates and remember to make the correct choice. Click here to take action. The first due date is March 24, 2010. For additional information click here.

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  • Réne Girard (Ft. Worth Christianity & Culture 5 years ago

    Is that for wireless service? residential home lines? both or something else?

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