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AT&T Beefs Up the Network at Soldier Field for the Bears/Packers Game

Soldier Field - Chicago
Soldier Field - Chicago
The West End (

In anticipation of tomorrow's packed (no pun intended) Bears vs. Packers game, AT&T has increased network coverage at Chicago's Soldier Field. How? They have installed a slew of new antennas to handle a large network load common in areas with large crowds.

Spotty AT&T coverage is very common in venues during large events or unique building construction. I experienced this first hand recently. I attended CES in Las Vegas. It was just about impossible to get any type of signal on my iPhone in the Convention Center, my hotel, and several spots around the city. I then experienced it again at the Auto Show in Detroit. I just have to wonder, why not sooner AT&T? And, is it permanent? Are you doing it in other places around the city?

"We want our customers to have a great network experience whatever they're doing - whether that's making a call, checking e-mail, texting a game highlight or surfing the Internet," said Dave Fine, vice president and general manager for AT&T Illinois.

I hope that AT&T does continue to improve service in the Chicago area, not only for iPhone users, but for all users.


  • Vernon 4 years ago

    AT&T needs too do that for sure, when people concentrate in one spot with all their smart phones the service goes to hell. During the christmas season at Orland Mall I couldn't even tweet or send an email because the network was totally over loaded. I didn't even attempt a phone call under those conditions.

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