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AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile for $39 Billion

ATT acquires T-Mobile
ATT acquires T-Mobile
att and tmobile websites

The tech world is a buzz today with talk that AT&T is purchasing T-Mobile for over $39 Billion. This is a huge merger that will add an additional 30 million plus customers to the AT&T network. The merger is said to be complete in about 1 year.

T-Mobile has a FAQ on their website addressed at customers that may have questions. The FAQ can be found at and includes the following information:

An agreement was announced under which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA. The agreement is the first step in a process that, including regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. Until then, we remain a separate company and continue to operate independently.

We know our customers, business partners and others may have many questions.

Here is some more information:

Will my service change?

There is no change in your service and we remain committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible experience using your T-Mobile USA products and services.

Will I now be billed by AT&T?

No, your billing remains exactly the same. T-Mobile USA continues to operate as an independent company. As always, you would receive advance notice to any changes to your services.

Why is T-Mobile USA doing this?

Bringing together these two world-class businesses will create significant benefits for customers. The merger will ensure the deployment of a robust 4G LTE network to 95% of the U.S. population, something neither company would achieve on its own. Also, because of our compatible networks and spectrum, the customers of T-Mobile USA and AT&T will experience improved voice and data service almost immediately after the networks are integrated.

Will T-Mobile USA’s quality be reduced?

No. In fact, the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will offer an even stronger service to customers. Until the acquisition is closed, we will work hard to maintain our position as the value leader with America’s largest 4G network.

If the acquisition closes, will I still be able to use my T-Mobile USA phone?

Yes. Your T-Mobile USA device will operate the same in the future as it does today.

Should I wait to sign-up with T-Mobile USA or upgrade my phone?

No, T-Mobile USA offers the latest wireless devices that are affordable on America’s Largest 4G Network and the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will mean even stronger service for our customers. Now is a great time to be a T-Mobile customer.

Is T-Mobile USA getting the iPhone?

T-Mobile USA remains an independent company. The acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We do not offer the iPhone. We offer cutting edge devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and coming soon our new Sidekick 4G.

Will my rate plan change because of the acquisition?

We will honor all customer contracts entered into before the change of ownership.

Where can I express my opinion on this?

T-Mobile customers can utilize the company's online Forums.


In browsing around the web, it seems that T-Mobile customers are very concerned about the merger. Some plan to change carriers before the merger is complete. They just don't like or trust AT&T. Others wonder if this means that they can finally get the iPhone that they have been secretly wanting for so long. Only time will tell if this is a good or bad thing for customers.


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