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At least we know the true nature of our enemy ...

We have met ... 'ain't it the truth?'
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Defaming the Jewish people to the point that murdering them becomes not only the right thing to do but that which necessity demands is as old as the Jewish people itself. Consider how deeply embedded the scathing misrepresentation of the Jew has become in the popular imagination after thirty-three centuries.

Reasonable people agree that the State of Israel is as sovereign a state within the international community of nations as any other. Still as poignantly correct today as when he first uttered them are the words of Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

The animus of Jew-haters (many of whom frequently vituperate in the august body, the General Assembly of the United Nations) against the Jewish People, the land of Israel and the representative government elected and charged with its governance and protection hold Israel to an opposite standard-one that disentitles them to the reasonable consideration other nation-states enjoy, especially seen in matters of self-defense in which Israel is regularly accused of over-reaction.

The geo-political fact that hostile countries surround the Jewish State on every side along with the approximately fourteen mile shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea which "serves" Israel as its very wet western "border" necessitates the government's inordinate expenditure of GNP for the defense of the nation against those who challenge its very reason to be and are prepared to employ as much violence as necessary to achieve their goal.

Israel's contribution to mankind's betterment would be many times greater than it already is were it not virtually always under attack by the world’s most miscreant and implacable of enemies-call them by whatever name you wish: ISIS, which just last week stunned the world when it witnessed the fiendish execution by decapitation of American journalist James Foley, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, it matters not. Their legions of masked murderers are afraid of nothing it seems but the revelation of their identities. They stun the West by making no empty threats and knowingly violating our sensibilities with respect to the use of obscene violence.

Desmond Tutu: Foe or Friend

There was once a time when I respected Desmond Tutu, a South African social activist and Anglican bishop who rose to international prominence during the 1980s. An outspoken opponent of the apartheid regime of South Africa, Tutu became a person of interest to Jews worldwide with his advocacy of “supersessionism”- a church doctrine proclaiming, in effect, the obsolescence of The Torah and the revocation of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people.

Embracing a man such as Yassir Arafat whose oft-stated objective: to drive the Jews of Israel into the Mediterranean Sea-convinced me that Tutu, as astute as he was in the work of his own cause, could not fathom the "divine hand" in the survival of The Jewish People or the necessity inherent in the creation of the Jewish state.

Cloaking his "anti-Israelism" under the guise of “pastoral concern” for a long lost but still recoverable flock, Bishop Tutu counsels that Israel must first liberate the “palestinian people” as a precondition for its own liberation from an archaic separatism. Sounds like a whole lot of dead Jews to me.

The current enemies of Israel live in such darkness that not even the light of Israel can deter them from their further pursuit of evil. Within their growing ranks, there is no shortage of genocidal enthusiasts who'd like a shot at finally finishing the final solution..

In his open letter published by Haaretz, Tutu speaks to the Jews of Israel as if wilful sinners whose souls might yet be redeemed through forced conversion to Christianity and, if refused, death by pyre was the only other choice..

If Tutu is as influential as he once was in the heady days of the 1980s when he hobnobbed with the likes of Yassar Arafat and Nelson Mandela, we’re in a lot more trouble than we may have thought. He is the twenty-first century's first example of the ancient Greek approach to destroying the Jewish people by "rising up against the people of Israel to make them forget The Torah"-a battle not so much to kill the Jewish body but eviscerate the Jewish soul.

The masked murderers of ISIS are this century's equivalent of Haman and his miserable sons who sought to destroy the Jewish body as recounted in the Scroll of Esther that we read on Purim.

Whether it'll be we or they who'll hang on the gallows which, by Haman's command, were erected for the execution of Mordecai but upon which-in a classic example of poetic justice, he and his sons died, remains to be seen.

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