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At Least Four Reasons to try Benefit Cosmetics

I must admit that each time I visited the cosmetic section of a local department store, and laid my eyes upon the Benefit Cosmetics’ displays, thoughts of teenage girls exploring their beauty potential ran through my mind. So, finally, I decided to investigate the products behind the name. Sheer amazement came over me, as the Benefit representative took me on a product journey.
The first product I wanted to try was for brows. The representative applied “gimme brow” to my eyebrows. “Gimme brow” is a fiber gel product that can enhance the wearer’s natural appearance. The product can be applied lightly with the accompanying wand; or applied with increased intensity, to achieve a more dramatic look. The product maintains its natural look throughout the day. The gel application really caught my attention due to the aesthetic pureness that it emanated.

Next, the representative applied the newest product in the line, scheduled to enter local stores on June 26; “they're real! push-up liner”. This product was absolutely awesome! The liner is shaped like a felt tip pen; and is described as being “smudge free”, and “hugging the lashline from corner to corner”. Basically, the product can be applied very close to the lashes, thereby giving the lashes a fuller look, depending upon proper application, and condition of lashes.

A third product that caught my attention in an extraordinary way was “POREfessional”. This product is designed to give the look of minimized facial pores, and fine lines. “POREfessional” can be used under makeup or alone.

Benefit offers more than 40 products. When compared to department store skincare/makeup lines, the prices are reasonable. “Gimme brow” retails around $22.00; “push-up liner” is being introduced at around $27.00; and “POREfessional” retails around $31.00. The line includes a mascara, advertised at a low $10.00; and an eye concealer, “boi-ing”, advertised for $20.00.

In summary, Benefit is a makeup line that I highly recommend due to the product diversity, uniqueness, and pricing.

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