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At least 1,000 bodies discovered underneath University of Mississippi

On Sunday, USA Today and several other media outlets reported a terrifying find of at least 1,000 bodies buried underneath the University of Mississippi.

1,000 corpses unearthed underneath University of Mississippi.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The university planned on developing a plot of land to become a parking garage for the school’s dental school. Officials believe the bodies are century old remains of deceased patients from the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum.

Dr. James Keeton, Dean of the medical school, says none of the bodies can be identified. Keeton said that reburying the bodies would cost the school at least $3 million, which would be too expensive for the university. Therefore, the university will build the parking garage at a different location. Keeton also thinks bodies of slaves, TB victims, and Civil War combatants are buried in the same location.

The one-time mental facility that once stood on the school’s grounds was called “Asylum Hill.” The ground may be declared a Mississippi landmark, which could affect future development.

Read more about this historical find at the USA Today website.

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