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At Highland Woods Golf Course, the first dogleg on the back nine is 12

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At Highland Woods Golf Course, the first dogleg on the back nine is #12. This is a right dogleg. (Highland Woods Golf Course is at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill.)

Number 12 is par four. From the rear, Gold teeing grounds, the average distance to the putting green is 389 yards. Three hundred seventy-nine yards is the average distance from the Blue teeing ground. From the White teeing ground, the average distance is 344 yards. Three hundred fourteen yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #11, course hole handicap.

Since the right dogleg begins at approximately 195 yards from the rear, Gold teeing ground, most amateur golfers should drive with 4-woods, 5-woods or 3-irons. Accurate drives will leave such golfers with approximately 195 yards to the green for their second shots. However, their second shots may require 3-irons instead of fairway woods since they should apply backspin to hold their golf balls on the putting green.

For most pf this fairway’s length, it is wide. However, approximately 25 yards from the putting green, this fairway narrows considerably. This fairway’s level also varies considerably.

The 12th fairway lacks any sand bunkers; but there is a large, lateral water hazard on the right side. This water hazard begins approximately 50 yards before the dogleg angle. This hazard juts into the fairway, thereby, shortening its width by about 20 yards.

The following is according to this golf course’s, scorecard, course layout drawings: This hole only has trees along the right side. These trees extend from the White teeing ground to behind the putting green. There is a 50-75 yards gap in the tree line beginning at approximately 150 yards from the rear teeing ground.

There are three sand bunkers around the putting green. There are two, medium size bunker right in front of the putting green, one on each side. These bunkers have concave arcs on their sides nearest to the putting green, and their positions are such that only a narrow, fairway space exists between them. One, small bunker is at the rear on the right side.

The putting green is moderate size and oval. This green probably has the same level as the teeing grounds. I would expect that putting is only moderately difficult.