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At Highland Woods Golf Course, 7 may be your lucky 7

The seventh hole fairway at Highland Woods Golf Course lacks any doglegs. For this par four hole, its average distance from the rear, Gold teeing ground to the putting green is only 349 yards. (This is the shortest, par four hole on this course, and it has a #14, course hole handicap.) As such, the seventh hole may be your lucky hole where you score a birdie. (Highland Woods Golf Course is at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill.)

To score birdies, golfers must avoid the water hazard in the right, middle ground.
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Other teeing grounds are the Blue, White and Red. The average distance from the Blue teeing ground to the putting green is 342 yards. From the White, it is 331 yards. From the Red, it is 288 yards.

To prevent golfers from becoming too careless, there is a huge lateral water hazard on the right side. This water hazard extends the length of every teeing ground. However, golfers will only splash their balls into this hazard if they hit slices.

This wide fairway has tall trees on both sides. These tree lines extend from the Red teeing ground to the putting green’s rear. These trees are probably oak, elm and maple.

The putting green is medium size. It has the shape of a curvy, equilateral triangle; the three angles are arcs. Surrounding this green are three sand bunkers; two of them are on the left. The front, left bunker is medium size, and it begins approximately 25 yards before the putting green. The rear, left bunker is small, resembles a boomerang, and it follows the putting green’s, left rear contours. The sole bunker on the right is small, and it begins at approximately even with the green’s, front edge, but it has a 10 yards, right offset.

To score birdies, golfers will need to drive at least 200 yards down the fairway’s middle. Second shots will then be a maximum of 150 yards, and must land on the putting green. Golf balls within three feet of the hole have the best chances of going in for birdies.

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