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At George Dunne Golf Course they are going back to the clubhouse

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When golfers head back to the clubhouse, they are usually playing the ninth or 18th holes on 18 holes golf courses. Most Chicago-land golf courses have this layout for the ninth holes to allow golfers to buy refreshments before they tackle the 10th holes. All Chicago-land, 18th holes go back to the clubhouses so that golfers can return pull carts, return motorized golf carts, compliment or complain to management about course conditions, and head to the parking lot if they drove, or exit walking if they took public transportation. This article is about the ninth hole at George W. Dunne National Golf Course, which does go back to the clubhouse. (George W. Dunne National Golf Course is at 16310 S. Central Avenue in Oak Forest, Ill.)

The ninth hole is par four. From the rear, Golf teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 467 yards. Four hundred twenty-eight yards is the average distance from the Blue teeing ground. From the White teeing ground, the average distance is 404 yards. Three hundred fifty-two yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #4, course hole handicap.

The ninth’s fairway is straight and slopes downhill. The tree line on the left side extends from the rear, Blue teeing ground to close to the putting green. These trees are medium size and closely-spaced.

The fairway also has four sand bunkers on its left side. The first one is medium size and resembles Mickey Mouse’s face and ears; it begins approximately 150 yards from the Blue teeing ground. The second bunker and third bunker are both small, and are close to each other (approximately 10 feet apart). These bunkers begin approximately 175 yards from the rear teeing ground. The third bunker is also medium size, and it also somewhat resembles Mickey Mouse’s face and ears. This third bunker is approximately 10 yards to the left of the putting green’s, left, front edge.

The putting green is medium size and oval. Its oval contours are its width, left to right when looking at it from the fairway. This green has two, small bunkers around it. One is in the front and one is in the rear.

On this fairway’s, left side, behind the first (in the north direction) Mickey Mouse sand bunker, and beginning where this bunker begins is George Dunne’s, huge driving range. This range has more than 20 stalls. Some of these stalls are heated during the winter months.