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At Desaisset, New Exhibitions of Bay Area Artists (and Returning Ones)

On April 10th at the DeSaisset Museum at Santa Clara University, two new exhibitions two new exhibitions are coming, while there will be returns of three having already opened in January.

The first new exhibition is Mari Andrews & Ann Holsberry: New Passages. It consists of over twenty pieces from the two artists who became friends after meeting each other at an art collective in Emeryville. Each of the feature works explores new directions from each artist, which includes navigation, migration and travel. Though they work separately, the works put Andrews and Holsberry on parallel paths, and displaying a visual form of passage. Two of those works can be seen at the DeSaisset Museum’s website (, including Andrews’ Stoneswirl and Holsberry’s Navigating by Stars 2.

The other newest exhibition opening on April 10th is Mirang Wonne: Fire Script. Like New Passages, this exhibition consists of works created from unlikely materials, and draws inspiration from nature. They weave together art and industry in unique and compelling ways, creating elegance that is an infusion of nature in it’s subtle, while toeing the lines between representation and abstract design.

April 10th will also bring two returning exhibitions. The first is Building Forward/Looking Back, and it highlights a portion of the gifts bestowed to the DeSaisset Museum’s collection from the Palo Alto, California based Smith Anderson Editions, and their founders Philip and Paula Kirkeby. The next is Frank Lobdell (1912-2013), which gives tribute to the late artist by featuring his works, all of which expressed an emergence from San Francisco’s School of Abstract Expressionism. Finally there’s the exhibition Lasting Legacy, which features a selection of photographs, artifacts and familial correspondence from the DeSaisset Family.

All five exhibitions are on view until June 15th. Log on to for more information.

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