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At Chick Evans Golf Course, 7 goes down

For a popular soft drink, seven and up are together as a brand. At Chick Evans Golf Course, the seventh hole’s fairway slopes downward. (Chick Evans Golf Course is at 6145 N. Golf Road in Morton Grove, Ill.)

In this view, the fairway is in the middle ground.
© 2013 Vernon Brookins

The seventh hole is par four. From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 312 yards. From the middle, White teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 298 yards. Two hundred seventy-six yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground.

For the front nine, the seventh hole is the only hole that points northwest. On the back nine, the 11th hole is the only hole that points northwest. Golfers should not try to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s, North by Northwest when playing either the seventh or 11th holes.

Tall trees are on the fairway’s left and right sides. On the left side to the trees’ rears there is very grass and weeds. On the right side behind the trees there is a fence. This fence separates the golf course from a roadside that has ditches and thick vegetation. The road is Golf Road, and for the length of this road, which is Chick Evan’s, northern boundary, there is no sidewalk. This fairway lacks any water hazards or sand bunkers, and it narrows considerably as it approaches the putting green.

The putting green is medium size and has an oval shape. Being at the end of the downward slope, it may be difficult for many golfers to fly their golf balls onto this green and have their balls remain on the green. The medium size sand bunker at the putting green’s rear, left side catches a lot of golf balls.

Golfers who are able to drive 300-325 yards so as to reach the putting green in one stoke, should not do so on this hole. This is because it is impossible to apply backspin with a driver so as to make their balls stay on this putting green. For such powerful-hitting golfers, the best choice would be to drive 200 yards down the middle. (Since this fairway is downhill, flying balls 200 yards will likely produce rolls of 10-25, additional yards.) For their approach shots to the green, such golfers will then have distances of 105 yards or less.

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