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At 42, Brooke Burke-Charvet flaunts fabulous figure: Her intense fitness regime

Brooke Burke-Charvet is fit and fabulous at 42 - and proud of her bodacious bikini body. She's worked hard to earn those toned curves, and Brooke revealed precisely what she does for fitness and diet in a Jan. 25 interview with People magazine.

TV personality Brooke Burke-Charvet (L) and actor/singer David Charvet attend the Fox Broadcasting Company event.
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Brooke stays busy with family and "Dancing with the Stars," but she makes time for regular exercise sessions and dedicated diet-friendly meals. The mother of four has become an expert on post-pregnancy weight loss and even authored a tell-all tale: "The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom's Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections."

"I'm really big into a health and fitness kick and I teach a class a couple of times a week in Malibu," Brooke revealed.

In addition, she's created her own DVD series, including "Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke - Strengthen & Condition" and "Brooke Burke Body: 30 Day Slim Down."

As a result of these combined efforts, Brooke says that she's upped the ante on her fitness game.

"I'm totally working out harder than ever before, but I'm doing it in a smarter, quicker way. I don't have more than an hour to spend anywhere, any time," she added.

And if you're looking for one word to sum up Brooke's exercise enthusiasm, it's "intense."

"I just feel like working to fatigue, pushing yourself to burn and pushing yourself to your limit every time you workout is what I'm totally into. I just think I'm smarter [about my body] than I was in my 20s and 30s," she added proudly.

Diet plays a role, too, and Brooke believes in breakfast's benefits for weight loss and overall health.

"I never miss breakfast," she says. "I really believe in eating a well, smart-balanced diet. I believe in the good fuel and putting the right things in our body and drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. I think it all starts with nutrition and what we put in our body."

After all this effort, Brooke intends to keep going strong both with diet and exercise.

"If not now, when?" she asks rhetorically.

"I totally am working hard at it. It's all good. I'm proud of the work that I'm doing. I work hard for [my fit physique], so I feel really good at 42, and I put in the time."

And if you're looking for magic, don't turn to Brooke.

"There are no tips and tricks and secrets. It's sweat, it's hard work, it's a commitment, and it feels good to be in shape," she declares.

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