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"Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls" audio-book is coming soon

Here is a visual representation of this year's most exciting asylum acessory
Here is a visual representation of this year's most exciting asylum acessory
Emilie Autumn's Asylum Emporium

There is no respectable Plague Rat out there that would not want to own the most exciting release of the year. Yes, your rat paws will soon be able to hold in your own two paws- the official, unabridged audio-book edition of Emilie Autumn's literary masterpiece, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

In her cute, self-deprecatory manner, Emilie Autumn, on her personal Facebook fan page, cautioned fans about the intense details of this very special recording::"You are all aware that you're going to have to listen to me talk for 20 hours and impersonate rats, leeches, international villains (the accents, eek!), and psych ward crack addicts, right? Just making sure you know what you're in for..."

To further entice fans to pre-order their copy of this soon-to-be-released production, Emilie Autumn promises fans that she will autograph all copies that are ordered through the Asylum Emporium. In future articles, exciting, unconventional products like Basil's Brew tea will be reviewed . There are numerous other products and wares available in this exciting emporium, and this examiner page is the place to get the inside scoop on just how these products hold up to our most scrupulous plague rat product testers. Emilie Autumn's Examiner Page will temporarily thus be renamed Consumer Reports: Plague Rat Edition,when emporium wares reviews are published.

If this audiobook proves to be a hot ticket item, Emilie Autumn has hinted on her personal Facebook fan page that she may also start doing dramatic recordings of other literary works. This includes one of the nineteenth century's most famous gothic novels, Jane Eyre, and Emilie Autumn has also urged fans to offer their suggestions. Given the gothic flavoring of her magnum opus, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, would prove to be a bewildering and thrilling audiobook, if Emilie Autumn provided a new audiobook version of it in the near future.

For now, you really should do yourselves a favor, and place your pre-order for the Asylum for Wayward Girls audiobook, being shipped out in mid-May. In addition to getting an autographed copy, you also will recieve a fifty-percent off coupon for the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls book, which provides you with the book itself to seat on your lap whilst hearing Emilie Autumn's dramatic voice grace your rodent ears.

There are bound to be many other very exciting things in-store for inveterate readers of this Asylum newsletter; therefore, it would be wise to subscribe above in order to never miss out on all the exciting news from the asylum.

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