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Asus PadFone X to finally hit AT&T shelves this June

ASUS PadFone X
ASUS PadFone X
ASUS Press Release Kit

Back in January, AT&T promised that it would release the ASUS PadFone X, but since then the device has been stuck in smartphone limbo, without even so much as a peep about the device's specs, but today May 28 AT&T finally lifted the lid on the highly anticipated device.

The PadFone X Hybrid by ASUS should be available for purchase on June 6th for just $199 on a two year contract, or for just $23 per month if you choose to go with the company's Next payment plan. The PadFone X is unlike any other on the market right now, because it is both a tablet and a phone, rather than being one device that tries to be both like a phablet.

The hardware is pretty impressive, but it is not going to be the most powerful device on the market. The PadFone X will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, which is the same processor that can be found in devices like the Google Nexus 5, and Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. The actual phone will feature a 5-inch display, 16GB of built in storage, a Micro-SD card slot, and a 13-megapixel camera.

The tablet portion of the device is actually powered by the phone itself, and it is activated by sliding the phone into the tablet shell. Once the two devices have been docked together, users can then utilize the 9-inch display of the tablet. The great feature about the tablet dock is that it does feature its own battery (which should double battery life overall), and it has built-in wireless charging.

The PadFone X is certainly a unique device, and should appease customers who want both a phone and a tablet, but not an oversized phone such as a phablet like the Galaxy Note 3 or the upcoming LG G3. While the PadFone X Hybrid has taken its time to come to the US, it is certainly a welcome change from the normal smartphone releases of late.

Source: AT&T

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