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Astroturfing Moms of Everytown strikes (themselves) again

Yesterday the anti-2nd Amendment astroturfing organization “Everytown for Gun Safety” posted a video titled “Will You Stop This?” regarding gun violence against women. What they clearly didn’t intend was to create a public service announcement that shows exactly why women should be able to safely and accurately use a firearm. This is the dimwitted organization that has morphed from Mayors Against Illegal Guns then into Mom’s Demand Action and now Everytown.

Mom's Demand Action screw up again
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Each iteration of the organization has done much to embarrass themselves. These are all organizations that exist thanks to millions of dollars from hypocrite Michael Bloomberg (who has his own armed body guards). Mayors Against Illegal Guns was the organization that came to New Hampshire a couple of years ago and memorialized a cop killer and one of the Boston Bombers.

Mom’s Demand Action feigned to be a “grassroots organization of Moms” when in reality they were set up and being paid for with Bloomberg’s millions. Many Mayors fled MAIG when they discovered the true intent of the organization wasn’t to end gun violence but to push gun control against law-abiding citizens. Their latest strike is the video which really shows why women should have firearms to protect themselves. If you need any more examples of why, listen to the 911 calls below of women who had firearms and those who didn’t:

Women who called 911 and didn’t have firearms
Woman is sexually assaulted while on the phone with 911
Stalking victim murdered while on the phone with 911
Elderly woman murdered while on the phone with 911

Women who called 911 and had firearms
Georgia mother shoots intruder, doesn’t allow herself or her twins to become victims
Teen mother saves herself and her baby from attackers
Woman kills stalker while on the phone with 911

If the woman in the video had a firearm to protect herself, as soon as her ex-husband broke down that door, she could have saved her life. The women of Everytown are so against women protecting themselves they probably don’t even get it. A woman who can safely and accurately use a firearm is more likely to be a survivor of a violent crime than a victim. In Everytown’s case, they want more women to be victims.

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