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Astrology vs. science: test your knowledge

boy with telescope
boy with telescope
Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

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Recent studies conducted by the National Science Foundation suggest that the majority of Americans age 18-24 believe that astrology is "sort of" scientific. In contrast, 92% of the Chinese population gives no credence to the study of the personality based on astral alignment. If you are an avid student of astrology, you are sure to ace this quiz.

Before these recent National Science Foundation findings, which also indicate that 25% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth, the Indianapolis Astrology Examiner erroneously assumed that most Americans understood Astrology as a form of entertainment, a talking point, an source of artistic inspiration. Had it been understood that Americans are failing so miserably in the realm of scientific knowledge, the mission would have been much different from the beginning.

It is very important that young adults understand the difference between science and myth. The economy of the United States depends on its comparative advantages in scientific research and development. For this reason, the Indianapolis Astrology Examiner will strive to remind readers that astrology is for entertainment purposes only, and that real experimental science is crucial to our freedom and taking humanity to new heights.

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