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Astrology of Robin Williams Podcast

Robin Williams NYC
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Comic genius, actor, icon Robin Williams passed away last Sunday night at the age of sixty-three. He made countless television, movie, radio appearances but displayed his genius most prominently doing stand-up comedy.

The only child of a Ford Motor executive and fashion model, Williams was overweight and shy as a youth. He spent much of his time playing alone relying on his own creative imagination to entertain himself. In school his intelligence and talent brought him to study at Julliard where he met lifelong friend Christopher Reeve who passed in 2004.

Robin rose to fame quickly being introduced on American television show 'Happy Days' as an alien Mork from Ork. The popularity of his character parlayed his performance to his own show which ran from 1978 to 1982.

He made a number of memorable movies where he played a variety of characters. Fame had a downside and he fell into alcohol and drug use when he partied with friends like John Belushi. Belushi's tragic death at the height of his career was a wake-up call to Robin.

Later on after suffering heart problems which led to surgery in 2009, Robin completely changed his lifestyle giving up drugs and alcohol and becoming a strict vegetarian.

Robin was married three times and leaves behind three children.

His astrology chart illustrates his life, talents, relationships and ultimate demise. Click below link to listen to a podcast where astrologers Leslie Hale and Liz Houle (Astrologernyc) discuss Robin Williams natal chart.

The astrology of Robin Williams podcast.

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