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Astrology of Amanda Knox and 'The Face of an Angel' actress Genevieve Gaunt

It is being reported in the news today that a new movie based on the Murder of Meredith Kercher is set to premier this September at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie is called, ‘The Face of an Angel’ and is based on one of the first books written about this murder case, ‘Angel Face’ by Barbie Latza Nadeau. Barbie Nadeau also co-wrote the screenplay for this movie with Paul Viragh.

Movie stills from trailer of The Face of an Angel
Movie stills from trailer of The Face of an Angel
First teaser clip for 'The Face of an Angel' Youtube Variety
Genevieve Gaunt as Amanda Knox in The Face of an Angel
Genevieve Gaunt Facebook

The movie has been described at:

"Winterbottom’s “Face of an Angel” . . . a psychological thriller starring Daniel Bruhl and Kate Beckinsale and inspired by the media circus surrounding the Amanda Knox case . . "

"Both a journalist and a documentary filmmaker chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect."

Some clips of the movie have been released and in it, the names of the protagonists have been changed. Amanda Knox is called ‘Jessica Fuller’ and Meredith Kercher is named ‘Elizabeth Pryce.’ Why these names were chosen is unknown but Amanda Knox was compared to Jessica Rabbit in court by her defense attorney in 2011. Fuller could refer to the Fuller Brush Company which sells cleaning products, and toilet brushes. There is also a movie called The Fuller Brush Man. It was said that Meredith was repulsed by Amanda's unhygienic habits including forgetting to brush the toilet after use. After the murder, Amanda is believed to have cleaned up the crime scene.

The movie is said to be a drama and not a documentary like BBC's "Is Amanda Knox Guilty?" which outlines much of the evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

The first impression one gets from the trailers of "The Face of an Angel" is that the actress playing Knox, 23-year-old Genevieve (Gigi) Gaunt is strikingly beautiful. Her photos have been associated with Knox on the internet, which has caused some confusion to people who are new to this case. Young men viewing Gaunt’s picture, thinking she is Knox, suddenly want to support Knox's cause until it is pointed out that the picture is of the actress portraying Knox and not really her.

In astrology, when an actor/actress is chosen to play the part of an (in)famous person, there are usually strong correlations between the natal charts. This is indeed the case between Amanda Knox and Genevieve Gaunt.

According to her facebook page, Gaunt was born on January 13, 1991 and she is from Cambridge, England. This makes her a Capricorn Sun like Meredith Kercher. So a similar dynamic between Knox and Kercher may arise between Gaunt and Knox with their two Suns opposing each other. They are both ambitious and understand each other but go about things in opposite ways.

According to her bio, Genevieve Gaunt, ” . . is British, the daughter of actors Fiona Gaunt and Frederik de Groot. She attended The Godolphin and Latymer School in London. In 2013 she graduated with a Double First in English from Cambridge University.”

Genevieve is four years younger than Knox and has graduated sooner from a more prestigious university in the more challenging major of English as compared to Knox’s Creative Writing major. Could this fact, aside from looks, be one of the points of contention between the two women if by chance they do meet each other, which is likely especially if the movie is a success?

Gaunt is not only a Capricorn Sun but also has Saturn conjunct her Sun which makes her an incredibly hard working person. She will wait patiently as she climbs the mountain of success and she will achieve great things.

Another Capricorn Sun that comes to mind is the former Kate Middleton now Princess Catherine, who displayed the strength and patience of a Capricorn while she waited for Prince William to propose after a decade of courtship. Katherine endured much abuse in the press calling her ‘Waity Katey’ as paparazzi followed her every move. Her strength paid off and she now is a princess and mother of a future king.

Capricorn Meredith Kercher would also have been very patient and hard-working. This apparently caused her to clash with Knox, a moody Cancer Sun who was only out to have a good time in Italy.

Genevieve or Gigi Gaunt has her Sun conjoined with Neptune, planet of illusion, pictures and psychic sensitivities. This aspect allows Gaunt to be a chameleon, embodying different characters with ease. This is an excellent placement for an actress. This will show in her role as Knox in the movie, which looks to be a convincing act.

Amanda Knox’s Sun trines Gaunt’s Pluto which shows mutual benefits from their association. In combination with Genevieve's Venus on Knox's MC, Gaunt’s beauty will bring more attention to Knox’s story and may portray Knox in a sympathetic light. This movie may result in more people becoming aware of the Meredith Kercher murder case. Venus rules money as well and may indicate that Knox may benefit financially from the movie. [UPDATE 9/8/14: Knox's lawyers have threatened to file a lawsuit against the movie.]

It looks like Gaunt is going to gain much more prominence from this movie. It is her biggest role so far in her young career. In the trailers, she seems to have captured Knox’s essence. Part of the reason Gaunt is able to capture the emotions of Knox is shown by them both having their Moons in Sagittarius, in other words, their Moons conjunct each other.

Like Knox, Gaunt is freedom-loving, may live in various places around the world, and knows how to enjoy herself. This also gives a powerful connection between the two ladies in the public eye (Moon rules the public.)

Amanda’s Sun opposing Genevieve’s Neptune indicates the ability of Genevieve to capture Knox’s personality (Sun) and bring it to film (Neptune.) This also may give a sort of psychic connection, combined with their Suns in opposition and Moons conjoined.

Gaunt will instinctively know how to act like Knox and what motivated her actions. These aspects are very helpful for Gaunt in depicting Knox on screen. However, Gaunt’s Saturn square Knox’s Jupiter shows that while Gaunt will flourish with success for her acting in this part, it may not help Knox’s fortune in a positive way.

Knox may have more headaches as she may find herself having to yet again, explain her strange behavior after the murder, which will be shown in the movie. On a positive side, Knox’s Saturn trine Gaunt’s Jupiter shows long-term relationship between them due to this movie which may become the most successful film about the events surrounding Meredith Kercher’s murder.

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