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Astrology Gives Insight into Harlem Building Collapse and Missing Plane

Harlem Building Collapse
Harlem Building Collapse

Do the planets have an influence on major events? What they can tell us is sometimes astounding according to astrologer Lou Raedwulf. He gives us some valuable insight to what is happening right now based on the lineup of the planets and what he has to say may surprise you.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces rules all things liquid including gas, oil, water, steam, lakes and the oceans. It comes to no surprise him that there is a Harlem building explosion today. According to news reports, there was a gas leak in an apartment building that ended in an explosion taking another building with it.

He says that the missing Malaysia jet 370 is also under this same influence as the planet Mars is in retrograde causing some nasty effects. The whole world is under these same influences at the same time. He also states that this could be the beginning over the next few weeks of more surprises concerning water and fire as the Mars retrograde continues.

With Saturn retrograde also still in motion, it rules foundations and buildings falls under that category according to Lou. You can read his astrology forecasts for the first six months of the year and get an idea of what influences surround us, both on a personal level and the world at large.

For further information he can be contacted on his site.