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Astrology Forecast May 4 - 10, 2014

Astrology Forecast May
Astrology Forecast May
Liz Houle

Please note that these aspects may be affecting people 2-3 days before & after aspect perfects on dates below.

Tuesday May 6 2014
Sun Sxt Jup 15°Ta48' D 15°Cn48' D

The urge to be bigger than one really is. Growth. Consciousness of moral or religious issues. The desire to travel or to reach out to new ideas through education. Optimism and confidence. The willingness to speculate or to take a risk.

Tuesday is an auspicious time for learning, publishing, traveling and expanding one's horizon's. Spending time with educators and foreigners also bode well today. There may be more optimism than usual and international meetings should fare well. This is a good time for implementing educational or foreign policy. This is also a wonderful time for meeting new people and visiting new places, especially for religious, spiritual or charitable reasons. A tendency to overindulge or attempt to do too much may be slightly problematic but luck is strong for pursuing goals and success.

Wednesday May 7 2014
Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury is well placed in it's sign of Gemini. Versatile, exchanging information, writing and logic are strong now. Writing, languages, and all forms of communication are emphasized now and are of excellent quality. Eloquence and an interesting 'turn of phrase' can be expected with Mercury in this sign. There is an intense curiosity and gathering of facts. Many plausible theories and stories may manifest while Mercury travels through this sign. There may also be news released that concerns twins or new ways of communicating. Gemini can also be the trickster so while some may have interesting and seemingly plausible explanations for various phenomenon, there may be a lack of truth or an appreciation for morality. Gemini is about getting the correct facts, numbers, and spellings however not so much concerned with the bigger picture, law, philosophy, and doing what is best for everyone. Expect lots of interesting information but stand back and take in the whole scenario before making important decisions that affect everyone.

Saturday May 10 2014
Sun Opp Sat 20°Ta01' D 20°Sc01' R

Difficulties in maintaining control over one's life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one's self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

Around this time one may face trials, tribulations and delays in dealings with authority or reaching one's goal. The hurdles one must overcome may become clear now and the next course of action decided - give up or trudge through the hard work and sacrifices necessary. This can be a depressing time but one that divides those who reach their goals and those who do not. How important is it to you to obtain a certain achievement? Is it really worth the time, energy and toil? Continue on and face possible failure or glory? Only by being realistic will one pass through this phase successfully. Authority figures may put obstacles in your path or deny your wishes. How you respond to this will decide your future. There is also a karmic element to this as Saturn is the planet of Karma and the Sun is our life force, they are natural enemies to each other. Saturn may cause some leaders, politicians, and other prominent people to learn some harsh lessons if they have taken too much for granted. Saturn may release some of the "coming around that goes around" now and any transgressions may come back to haunt some people while those who have followed the rules and tried to do what was right may receive their just rewards.

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