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Astrology Forecast June 22 - 28th 2014

Liz Houle

This week will be a bumpy one for relationships and world events. The two major aspects to look our for are on Monday -Venus, planet of love, money, women, and diplomacy moves into the double air sign of Gemini.

Then on Wednesday transiting Mars which symbolizes young men, war, fighting and force, perfects an opposition to the unpredictable planet -Uranus setting off the Uranus/Pluto square forming an high-tension T-Square which could cause chaos and troubles in individual's lives as well as with world events.

With both Venus and Mars in air sign (Gemini and Libra respectively) expect a lot of chatter and heated debates in the news. Mars and Venus are a creative and passionate combination so a multitude of people (and countries) may find themselves involved with controversies of one kind or another.

The combustible combination of Mars opposing Uranus and square Pluto could cause more violence and devastation as the result of these tensions.

Monday, June 23rd - Venus enters Gemini - The planet of love, money, luxury, art, music, pleasures and women is entering the mutable air sign of the twins on Monday. This may cause some doubling up or repeating of the things that fall under Venus's domain. Some people may find themselves dating more than one person as love is spread around and it is difficult to choose just one. This also influences what we enjoy doing, which may result in some people pursuing multiple interests for enjoyment, not being able to do just one thing. Gemini is excellent at mulch-tasking so doing multiple art projects or investments may be successful now.

Gemini is a superficial sign that needs constant change and variety. This is not the time to put all of your eggs in one basked in matters ruled by Venus. Don't expect commitments or stability in love, pleasure, or money matters. However, you may experience a multitude of offers of Venusian gifts all at once - take advantage of it!

Art, poetry and comedy are favored with Venus in Gemini. Venus in Gemini brings pleasure through intellectual pursuits and conversations. Gatherings with a wide selection of various sorts will be most pleasing and enjoyable now.

Pursuing a variety of past-times and keeping things light, fun and airy is the way to go with Venus in Gemini. Benefits through neighborhood activities, siblings, communications/media, writing, classes, children, traveling locally, fun and frivolity.

Wednesday, June 25th - Mars opp Uranus

Mars represents aggressive actions in dealings with court battles, partnership and open enemies. Mars is in detriment in Libra which causes harsh words and misdirected actions. Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries can cause disruptions, upsets, and misunderstandings which could exacerbate sensitive situations and relations.

Public displays of aggression might be expected around this time. Uranus incorporates the internet/social media/advanced technology with revolutionary agendas. Attacks in unexpected ways and blaming others for acts of aggression may also occur.

Libra is a cardinal air sign which must have equality and justice and Mars in Libra will fight and cause wars over these issues. Mars in Libra opposed Uranus may result in stormy social unrest and turbulent events. Young men (Mars) taking extreme and reckless actions (Uranus in Aries) to assert their desires and independence. Social, sporting events and public places may become dangerous, unstable, and/ or unpredictable at this time.

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