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This week's astrology forecast and more Amanda Knox selfie spoofs

More Amanda Knox Selfi Spoofs
More Amanda Knox Selfi Spoofs

When Mercury, the Messenger, and Mars, the god of War, work together the news stories get aggressive. In reaction to the hundreds of spoofs on Amanda Knox's publicized selfie last week, her PR fought back today. An article was published in the news with a few pictures of Knox's friends and family holding signs to support the twice convicted killer's alleged innocence. With Mercury and Mars in an unstoppable trine, don't expect things to end here as more parodies of Knox's selfie are produced daily.

Read below for today and the rest of this week's forecast:

Sunday, Feb 16 2014 Mercury Tri Mars
26°Aq29' R 26°Li29' D
Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Words come fast and furious today as arguments seem unstoppable. This is a good time to debate a topic or work on a technical issue (since Mercury is retrograde there are many computer glitches to work out.) People may be driving faster than usual today as well since everyone will seem to be more in a rush. An excellent time for research, writing and pushing forth your ideas. This is not a good time to expect a peaceful, quiet meeting of the minds, information, thinking, as discussions quickly escalate and become more involved (and furious) than may have been anticipated.
Direct Mercury first trined Mars on Jan 24th 2014, retrograde today Feb 16th to trine again until the final direct Mercury trine Mars on March 14th. This may indicate a related or similar events occurring on these dates.
Now is a good time to learn something new as information will come quickly and easily. A good time for thinking, writing, learning about anything dealing with transportation, war, weapons, local area, children, and debate. Be direct and honest in all discourse now or suffer the consequences. Beware that with Mercury retrograde there may be some rehashing old arguments however this is an auspicious time to go over past work and theories.

Tuesday, Feb 18 2014 Sun Enter Pisces
You are an imaginative and serene individual. You need to express your fantasies and imagination, and may be a dreamer or be ungrounded.

The Sun is leaving the Saturn/Uranus ruled air sign of Aquarius which gives more fixed opinions and support for humanitarian causes to enter Pisces. The Sun will be in this emotional, psychic sign, ruled by Jupiter until March 20th (Spring Equinox.) This will be a creative and lucky time for many. It is also a time of sorrows and spirituality. Leaders may retreat into the back rooms to work in solitude. This is a good time for religious events, cinema, escapism, drugs, addictions, paranormal, anything to do with water, ocean, chemicals, and the imagination. Art will also flourish under this influence. Beware of subliminal or unconscious influences while under this transit. This may also be a time of some type of propaganda, lies or subconscious influences. This is the time to read between the lines and trust your instincts more as they will powerful now. Some may get a bit lazy and prefer to relax and daydream.

Wednesday, Feb 19 2014 Mercury Sqr Saturn
23°Aq12' R 23°Sc12' D
Narrow, focused thinking. Exclusion. Limitations in transport or communication. Overly exacting judgments. Delays.

Mercury square Saturn can cause delays and obstacles in communications, computers, and commuting. However, Mercury in Aquarius likes Saturn so this aspect may be a successful one in implementing new protocols, ideas and other information. Be prepared to have to struggle with some difficulties before all is said and done. To get the most from this aspect, you will have to work hard, deal with some type of suffering and do your due diligence.
Direct Mercury first squared Saturn on Jan 25th 2014, now Feb 19th retrograde Mercury squares Saturn again and one last square between these two planets will occur on March 11th 2014. Therefore, this may be a recurring issue or problem in your life that needs to be worked out around these dates.
This aspect does not make communications easier but through hard work, perseverance and maybe a little help from older/experienced minds this could be a time of great academic, historical, or literary achievement. Be prepared to struggle with discussions, paperwork, children, or ideas and take the time to cover all of your bases and this may produce outstanding accomplishment which may win awards and stand the test of time.

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