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Astrology Forecast Aug 31- Sept 6th 2014

angel nj
liz houle

Tuesday, Sept 2, 2014: Mercury enters Libra

Mercury the wing-footed messenger and trickster enters the sign of justice, fairness, diplomacy and relationships on Monday.
Expect more news and discussions centering around court battles, negotiations with foreign countries, marriage, and relationships of all kinds.
Mercury in Libra will also bring more news and information regarding the arts.
This is a wonderful time for writing about art or creating music. Venus rules Libra while Saturn is exalted in this sign. This combination brings hard work for aesthetic goals in Mercury related fields- all forms of communications from text messages to legal documents, rumors, speeches, and the news media. Mercury also rules over merchants, traders, vehicles, local travel/transportation, mathematics, thievery, forgery, hands and arms of the body.

Wednesday Sep 3, 2014 Sun Tri Pluto
11°Vi05' D 11°Cp05' R

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.
Power issues, secret agendas and attacks could be on the menus when the Sun hits off with Pluto. Leaders get ugly and may find themselves consumed with sneak attacks or power issues. This aspect could make some people feel more suspicious than usual so paranoia may run high.

This may also cause some to become obsessive / compulsive about a certain person, place or thing. This is not a good time for power plays as things may get carried away. However this intense, investigative energy can best be used to delve deeply into research, cleaning/clearing out one's environment, and with studying mysteries or psychology.

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