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Astrology Forecast April 27 - May 3, 2014

solar eclipse
solar eclipse
Photo by Mark Kolbe
  • Sunday, April 27th - Sun sextile Neptune

At this time leaders may be feeling more spiritual or idealistic now. This may be a time of dreams being achieved or at least reached for. People may be feeling a bit sleepy, lazy or dreamy today. This is an excellent time for creative work, enjoying the arts, movies, spiritual practices or even spending some time by the water. This is also a healing time when the body wants to rest or relax. Yoga, walks or other calm exercise would be most therapeutic now.
[Today two popes become Saints in Rome which is perfectly personified by Sun sextile Neptune.]

  • Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 - New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tuesday morning, a New Moon / Solar Eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus is a good time to begin a new practical, monetary or earth-centered endeavor. Building a new project, home, investing in something that may increase over time and even gardening are favored now. With this potent eclipse energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. It's time to set some realistic goals and write them down.

The effects of this Solar Eclipse can be felt for up to two years after the actual date of the eclipse. Taurus, matters related to money, talents, our resources, possessions, feelings of worthiness, and the neck area of the body. This eclipse can potentially bring out dramatic new beginnings in these areas if you have any personal planets or points near 8 degrees of Taurus.

Be prepared for a new revelation in regards to money, talents and other Taurus ruled topics. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that does not like change. Taurus likes to keep things the way that they are or slowly increase things. So this eclipse may bring about some uncomfortable changes.

Keeping one's perspective with any changes that may suddenly develop now. You may want to stand back and re-think whatever situation requires your attention now. Perhaps a new way of investing, building or using your talents is in order now.

  • Also on Tuesday April 29th: Mercury Trine Pluto:

Mercury trine Pluto causes people to think very intensely, deeply and even darkly about things. This is an excellent time for doing any investigation or research of any kind.

If you have been meaning to write a letter about something important (good or bad) writing it now and sending it out will ensure that is has the most powerful impact possible.

Mediums and psychics may be getting more or better messages than usual. This is an excellent time for communicating with the other side, even if you don't normally get messages from the deceased, you may get a sign or some sort of message today.

This is also a positive time to work on joint finances, bills, taxes, estates as well as any secretive matters. You may receive the alimony, insurance or other money you were owed. This is also a good time for mystery writing, intense artwork, living wills, psychology, occult, diet, sex, health matters, cleanses, power, powerful speaking/writing of all kinds.

This is also a good day to purge your environment of anything that no longer serves any purpose, especially mercurial things or areas like your home office or children's rooms. Shredding junk mail or paperwork and donating worthless objects may improve things all over.

Be careful what you say and write today and it may affect a large number of people and potentially have a profound impact on your own life. Writing and speech may 'take on a life of their own.' This is a good time to send out any letters or implement new rules/protocols now as they will effect the change that you seek.

  • Wednesday, April 30th - Mercury sextile Jupiter

This is an auspicious time to sign contracts, send resumes out, call employers or potential customers. Reach out to others and you will benefit. This is also an excellent time for writing, legal affairs, practicing your faith, taking classes, and learning something new. Jupiter expands the mind when it contacts Mercury. Any research and publishing will expand in a positive way.

Any traveling to foreign destinations or dealings with foreigners may be beneficial as well today. Taking classes, publishing and learning new information may be easier than usual and be instrumental to future success.

  • Friday, May 2nd - Mercury opposite Saturn

Narrow, focused thinking. Exclusion. Limitations in transport or communication. Overly exacting judgments. Delays.

Mercury opposite Saturn can cause pessimism, delays and obstacles in communications. This can lead to malfunctions with computers, cell phones and other telecommunications related devices or structures.

Mercury and Saturn are in the 'money signs' of Taurus/Scorpio so this may be a day of problems with financial transactions, calculations and reports. Be prepared to have to struggle with some difficulties before all is said and done.

To get the most from this aspect, you will have to work hard, deal with some type of suffering and triple check everything.

This aspect does not make communications easier but through hard work, perseverance and maybe a little help from older/experienced minds this could be a time of some significant academic, historical, or literary achievement. Be prepared to struggle with discussions, paperwork, children, or ideas and take the time to cover all of your bases. In the end you may produce an outstanding accomplishment which could win awards in the future and/or that may stand the test of time.

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