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Astrology and Relationships: Inconjuncts in Synastry

Specialized astrologers and those who are simply passionate about astrology are well aware of the fact that “it was written in the stars” isn’t just a manner of speaking. This saying is all the more applicable in the case of relationships. A birth chart can reveal a lot of useful – if not even vital – information about two partners and how things will unfold between them.

When it comes to this life area – i.e. relationships –, there is one aspect which is both really important and really frustrating: the inconjunct or quincunx. This is a 150-degree angle which links two Sun signs that are completely opposed. Each of those two is ruled by a different element (Fire, Water, Earth or Air), has a different modality (Fixed, Cardinal or Mutable), and is characterized by a different polarity (either positive or negative).

However, if two planets are within orb of the inconjunct, they connect irrespective of how different they are. Out of this unlikely association results a struggle between the unrelated energies of each planet, an opposition which is difficult to handle by transit or in the birth chart, but even more difficult when it occurs in synastry.

The signs which inconjunct each other are: Aries with Virgo and Scorpio, Taurus with Libra and Sagittarius, Gemini with Scorpio and Capricorn, Cancer with Sagittarius and Aquarius
Leo with Capricorn and Pisces, Virgo with Aries and Aquarius, Libra with Taurus and Pisces, Scorpio with Aries and Gemini, Sagittarius with Taurus and Cancer, Capricorn with Gemini and Leo, Aquarius with Cancer and Virgo, Pisces with Leo and Libra.

An inconjunct means there is no common ground, so if there’s an inconjunct between two people, it represents an area of misunderstanding. In the case of the square, you can harness the tension, but when it comes to the inconjunct, this is impossible, because its tension is like a moving target; it constantly escapes your grasp. The degree to which the inconjunct affects a couple is directly proportional to how prominent the natal planets or points are in the birth chart of each partner.

In order to effectively handle a synastric inconjunct, the couple has to accept that each partner has to adjust and to make compromises, that there will rarely be a simple solution available, and lastly but not least, that what keeps the relationship going is the promise of a solution.

Although inconjuncts are an important factor in any relationship (relationships in which they occur, that is), it is important not to focus only on the differences and the difficulties that it brings about. By virtue of universal balance, astrology is never either black or white; yes, there may be a problematic astrological characteristic influencing a relationship, but there surely is something positive to balance it out, too.

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