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Astrology and Our Sexual Nature - How Mars, Venus, and the Moon Influence It

Astrology impacts all planes of our existence, and anything related to sexuality and our sexual nature is no exception. The stars definitely have a say in who we find attractive and why, who we attract and why, and so on. The question is “How?” We shall discover the answer in the following paragraphs.

When we think of our sexual nature, we immediately create associations with physical things, but there is much more to sexuality. It is actually a combination of several influences, all of which are rooted in our charts. This is why each person is unique in his or her sexual behavior, beliefs, and expectations. Sexuality is first and foremost a societal practice. After all, procreation is linked to sexuality and it ensures that we continue to live and thrive as a species.

In astrology, the chief planet concerned with sexuality is Mars. In a person’s natal chart, Mars rules the House and zodiacal signs which determine the sexual characteristics of their lives. Venus – ancient goddess of love and romance – is the planet of pleasure. Apart from these two planets, the Moon also plays an important role because it influences our emotions, and therefore, affects our sexuality.

The Moon affects both men and women, because both genders have cycles which start when they reach puberty and continue throughout the procreating years of maturity. The Moon is connected with the menstrual cycle when it comes to women, but it also has an impact on men’s sex drive. With the waning and waxing of the Moon, a person’s libido fluctuates as well: when women are ovulating, both their sex drive and that of their partners reaches a maximum. When a New Moon occurs, we look inward, pondering upon our passions and natural instincts. Therefore, our focus is on the inner universe as opposed to the external one and, by extension, on our physical bodies. Men will experience a drop in their libido when the Moon is decreasing.

Mars influences the way in which we express our sexuality. Venus is responsible for ‘setting the mood’ or, in other words, foreplay. This is why an astrologer looks for the sign positions of both Venus and Mars in order to discover which are our sexual inclinations and erogenous areas. Another important element in the love and sexuality mix is Eros – also known as Cupid.

In Roman mythology, Eros is the sexual love god who can overpower a person’s imagination with sex and love. Therefore, Eros represents desire, creativity, and passion, all as perceived through the prism of sexuality. The Greeks depicted Eros as young, beautiful, and having wings. His eyes were usually covered as to suggest that love is blind. He usually carried a flower or the widely known bow and arrow, an instrument he used to aim and shoot darts of love and lust in the hearts of men and women.

Sex is one of the dominant forces defining our identities, an instinctual pull towards procreation ensuring the perpetuation of our species. Through the combined action of various planets and stars, astrology influences our sexual nature and instincts.

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