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Astrology and Green Living - Solstices and Equinoxes

Nowadays society is increasingly preoccupied with preserving nature and with eco-living: building homes out of recycled materials, eating bio products, farming without the use of chemical pesticides, and so on. Astrology, too, can be correlated with this idea of green living by thinking of the natural cycles with which it is concerned (such as the Sun’s, for example – the days growing longer or becoming shorter).

A holiday that many love is St. Patrick’s Day, but this celebration is less religious than we may think, and more closely connected with astrology and pagan beliefs. The predominance of the color green represents rebirth, regeneration, and renewal. We are all awakening from winter’s long sleep.

Solstices are another astrological event which receives a lot of attention. This has been the case for centuries, although nowadays we have Christian celebrations around the time of each solstice, while during the pre-Christian era pagans paid more attention to the changes in nature, and even worshipped the Sun (please note that the term “pagan” is not used deprecatingly, but just to refer to people who simply held different beliefs from the Christian ones).

The fact that Solstices are so important comes as no surprise, given that they are all about the Sun. For those who lived centuries ago, whether the day was shorter or longer meant a lot given that they did not enjoy the luxury of electricity. The June Sun marked a celebration of light, warmth, and life. During the December solstice, you had to stay inside, trying to warm yourself, and prayed that the Sun would soon appear in the sky and that the Earth would be once more fertile.

As it has already been mentioned n the above paragraphs, solstices and Christian celebrations have merged together. For example, the Winter Solstice and Christmas are connected through mythology, ritual, and tradition. We have borrowed many elements from our pagan ancestors, such as their Yule log and their mistletoe. Now how is all of this linked to astrology? The Solstices are about the Cancer-Capricorn opposition: the Earth at its ripeness and the Earth at its most barren. In fact, this opposition also coincides with the natural position in the chart of the physical initiation and culmination, our lows and our highs.

The equinoxes – the term itself means that light is balanced, that day and night are equal – describe the beginning and the end of the season of growth. We reap in fall what we have sown in spring. The Sun is literally at zero Aries in March and zero Libra in September.

Astrology is everywhere, because the universe and the solar system influence our lives toady just as much as they did centuries ago. If astrology is so closely linked to nature and its phenomena, then it is only natural to think about its connections with green living.

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