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Astrology and Accumulating Wealth

When it comes to accumulating wealth and being prosperous, astrology is the perfect tool for removing any barriers and hardships that we may encounter. By learning more about ourselves, we can develop to our full potential of being abundant.

Several writers in the past and in present times as well (such as Louise Hay and Dr. Joseph Murphy) have written about being wealthy and prosperous, teaching their readers how to overcome any issues that may arise. One of the key elements that they encouraged was positive thinking. Their advice is general in character and overall good in nature, yet it is not as specific as hat provided by astrology.

Given that each of us is unique, every single one of us has his/her own vision regarding prosperity, the purpose of money and its best use, and the reasons underlying our wish to be prosperous. Another difference between us is that each has his/her own blocks and hardships on the long journey towards being abundant. Therefore, advice must be adapted and personalized for each person by means of an astrological chart. This is the best way to connect an individual with his/her ideals and inner guide.

Adopting a positive mindset is extremely useful as well, because after achieving such a mindset, you will feel, act, and influence those around you in accordance with your new prosperous thoughts. These thoughts will attract even more prosperity into your life. This is due to the action of the law of karma or the law of action and reaction (in other words, what you sow, you reap). By thinking about abundance you will manifest wealth, because your subconscious will have changed its “default settings” to a positive mindset, thus helping you achieve prosperity. This is a universal teaching that any person should assimilate and master.

After understanding this teaching and accumulating this general knowledge, you will be able to choose your thoughts and build the life of your dreams. There is only one more thing needed: astrological intervention. By combining the general knowledge (about the subconscious and its power) with the information provided by astrology, you will obtain the best tool for creating prosperity.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire an astrologer and get your birth chart drawn before starting a business, choosing a career, or changing your job. The celestial bodies are bound to offer valuable insights into the intricate mechanism of achieving abundance on all levels, by taking a look at your qualities and weaknesses, personality traits, life path, and other such elements. Astrology can provide a personalized plan to accumulating wealth and living a happy, fulfilling life.

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