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Astrology: A Major Part of Addictions Treatments

People can be addicted to a variety of things and substances, some of them don’t even realize that they have an addiction until it is too late to do something about it. If it isn’t detected and controlled in due time, an addiction can lead to our alienation and self-destruction. Just like in the case of love or financial issues, astrology can help in this area as well, contributing to a person’s recovery from an addiction.

Science has its ways to decide whether an individual is addicted to something or not; in astrology, reading the birth chart is the main technique which provides helpful information. A reading offers valuable insights to the astrologer, helping him discover whether the respective individual is inclined to develop a certain addiction during his or her lifetime.

What astrologers do when reading a person’s birth char is to search for warning signs in the form of strong influences of both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter stands for hedonism and Neptune for intoxication and illusion. This information can greatly aid the person in question, because knowing that they are predisposed to developing an addiction may determine them to do their best in order to prevent it.

Although any kind of foresight provided by astrology has the ability to lead to positive results, each addiction is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. The nature of the addiction dictates what treatment to use. Here the term “addiction” is used broadly to refer not only to drug and alcohol addiction, but to any kind of unhealthy attachment in one’s life, such as to food, to money, to watching TV, and so on.

When astrologers work with an addict, they find themselves in a unique position. There are many serious addictions – especially to drugs and to alcohol – which need a considerable amount of time and effort to overcome. Therefore, astrologers should always refer their clients to as many other sources of help as they can (doctors, rehabilitation centers, and so on).

Astrology may not have all the answers in the case of addictions, but it can prove incredibly helpful in recognizing one and in providing help to beat it. Astrology can be an important part of any addiction treatment.

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