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Astrological visual symbols and what they represent

Astrological shorthand of the solar system
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Many people believe that astrology is all about the future. However, an astrology chart paves the way for self knowledge. When a person understands the entire complex human being, it helps with self-knowledge as well as understanding others. Interesting side shoots of astrological interpretation are shown on various web sites. These may provide knowledge of historical figures and what made them tick earning the fame that impacted the world in a huge way. Fascinating individuals like Winston Churchill, Picasso, Queen Elizabeth let you in on why they became famous. Charts can also be created to determine compatibility or incompatibility between two people. An astrological chart is about potential - it's up to an individual to activate desired facets, or downplay other less desirable characteristics.

Most people are aware of the sun sign they were born under. Where was Mars or Venus stationed at the time of birth? All of these have an impact on personality.

Sun - represents your soul.

Moon - emotions

Mars - aggression in the sense of survival in the world

Venus - love nature, beauty

Jupiter - planet of expansion includes monetary gain

Saturn - planet of restriction and lessons in life

Pluto - newly discovered and believed to emit an x-ray like “spotlight” on earthly activities

The glyph illustrations seen at the upper left of this article are an astrological shorthand known as a glyph. Each one represents a planet. Astrology charts are analyzed using the location of the planets at the very moment of birth. At that time your genes are changing rapid fire in reaction to the environment as you passed through the birth canal.

These are the basics of a chart, and you will see them on the wheel located within an arc of 30 degrees which represents a “house.” These represent an area of everyday life - love nature, mentality, communication and so forth. Discerning the relative importance of these in order to get the big picture, and unique personality that is you.

While viewing these on the chart wheel, keep in mind the meaning of the wedge shaped facets of the wheel itself. These represent the houses of the natural zodiac which are a constant. So, for example, the house that the sun sign appears in shows the area of life and the expression of it through the basic personality. Houses represent love nature, career inclination, creativity, family life, wishes and motivations. A horizontal line through the center signifies either extroversion, or introversion - a person of action, or one who is more thoughtful and introverted.

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