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Astrological view of the current lunation period


The new moon came on September 8th at 10: 31 AM GMT and the full moon will come on September 23, at 9:18 AM GMT. This is the last lunation period of the summer. The full moon comes with the autumn equinox. Full moon at autumn equinox means that we will see all of the developments of the year coming into full perspective. Full moon at autumn equinox means judgement coming to world affairs. Decisions will be made. Significant changes will follow. The fall equinox will mark a change of attitude in the world.

The new moon chart of September 8th interacts with the summer solstice chart in the following ways. Venus in the new moon chart is exactly conjunct the summer solstice moon at 29 degrees Libra and Mercury in the new moon chart is conjunct the summer solstice Mars. These have positive meanings. Venus conjunct the summer solstice moon position favors the general public and the affairs of women, and brings out some good business and financial developments. Mercury conjunct the summer solstice Mars favors making decisions and taking positive action. Mercury at the new moon was retrograde slowing down to turn direct. Conjunct the summer solstice Mars it is saying to put an end to doubts and hesitations. It is time to consider making positive changes, starting new ventures and entering new territory in your life.

In the new moon chart Venus and Mars are conjunct and are trine Neptune. This favors the market.

The stock market has been rising since the new moon. This is clearly shown in the new moon chart by Venus in conjunction with Mars trine with Neptune. Neptune rules the zenith of the NYSE. While the market will continue to be volatile, as shown by Saturn's opposition with Jupiter and Uranus, it is probable that the market will continue rising through the month. Another positive sign is shown by Jupiter coming to exact conjunction Uranus at the NYSE zenith from September 17th through 23rd. The full moon is on September 23rd. The full moon at 00 degrees Aries shines in the zenith of the NYSE chart while Jupiter and Uranus are in exact conjunction at the zenith. The full moon also comes to conjunction the place that Jupiter was in at the new moon to bring out all that Jupiter has to offer. Jupiter was at 00 degrees Aries at new moon. The upshot of all this is that the market will probably rise as the moon increases in light this month.

The new moon marked Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish new year, and the full moon will mark the holidays of Yom Kippur and Succoth. This has deep significance for Israel. The new moon chart viewed in relation to the birth chart of Israel shows Venus and Mars in conjunction in the 1st house trine the new moon position of Neptune in the 5th house and all these in tight trine aspect with Israel's natal Uranus in the 9th house. This points to an on-going revolution in the religious sphere involving the role of the women in the community both inside Israel and in the diaspora. More and more women are becoming rabbis. The trine aspect gives very positive encouragement. The revolutionary spirit is in the ascendency. This means that the women will make positive progress in their struggle for equality in the religious community; the ultra-orthodox community will have to make way for the women so they can worship and lead in the community as equals with the men. With the advancement of the women's position in the religious community will come a liberalization of Israel's position in relation to the Arab community; the women's position tends to be far more conciliatory and inclusive than that of the ultra-orthodox men.

Looking at the USA, the new moon was in the ascendent of the DC chart showing a new development in the public outlook. Saturn was in the ascendent as well and was in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in the 7th showing a serious outlook in relation to foreign affairs; the people stand in opposition to the international affairs of the country. The opposition of Jupiter to Saturn points to economic troubles involved in this matter. The opposition of Saturn and Jupiter also points, since Jupiter rules the 4th house of the chart, to a continuing decrease in real estate values in the country in general. On the other hand, the conjunction of Mars and Venus at the new moon is in the 2nd house and is trine Neptune in the 6th house. This aspect supports some improvement in employment figures and shows the people spending more money.

Looking at Albuquerque, NM where this writer currently resides, the new moon was in the 2nd house showing a new development in the financial affairs of this city. Saturn is also in the 2nd house and is in opposition with Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th house. This shows financial losses and a decreasing tax base. Mars conjunct Venus is in the 3rd house trine to Neptune in the 7th house. This shows increased traffic; visitors are coming, and that will help improve the financial picture. Mars rules the 4th house of the chart. In the 3rd house trine Neptune in the 7th, Mars is saying that real estate will do better for a while. People are moving to Albuquerque.

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  • Diane - Albuquerque Judaism Examiner 4 years ago

    Interesting - and I like your take on the role of women in Israel - and so far, as of Sept. 21, the NYSE has continued to rise - so, we shall see! as for Albuquerque, at least the developers took a rest for a while, which considering our desert environment, seems like, for the land at least, a good thing.

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