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Astrological view of the coming US elections seen from the full moon


The full moon came on October 23rd at 2:38 AM GMD, i.e., October 22nd at 9:38 PM EDT at Washington DC. The outstanding aspects in the chart that relate to the mid-term elections are as follows. Note: these forecasts do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the writer.

Mars at the full moon is in tight trine with Jupiter and Uranus on the one hand, and semi-square Saturn on the other. Saturn is also sesquisquare Neptune. In a nutshell, this favors the Republicans. It is predicted that the Republicans will win back a significant number of seats in Congress. Jupiter conjunct Uranus, however, tells us that some of these, if not many, are not conservatives, but neo-cons. Jupiter and Uranus retrograde tell us that neo-cons are regaining power in Congress.

The full moon is at 29 degrees 33 minutes Aries. 29 degrees any sign shows that the people are at the end of their tether and are impatient for change. The Moon's dispositor Mars shows where. Mars is in the 6th house. The 6th house denotes jobs. Many people in the working class are extremely discontent, in despair, and out of patience. 29 degrees also warns of a crying matter; this election won't fix the problems. The Moon is in the cusp of Aries/Taurus showing fierce determination. The Sun at 29:33 Libra in the cusp of Scorpio shows this determination having to do with judgement. The election will significantly change the face of Congress.

Looking at the full Moon over Washington DC we see the Moon in the 11th house and the Sun in the 5th house. The 11th house represents the incumbent party in Congress; the 5th represents the opposition. There is coming a change in Congress. We also see Jupiter and Uranus in the 10th house elevated above Saturn in the 4th house. This shows that the Republicans are going to win back a lot of seats.

Looking at the Johndro locality chart for the full Moon at Washington DC, we have Mars exactly on the Ascendent showing the angry, militant mood of the people, and Mars is trine Jupiter and Uranus showing that the people are largely favoring the Republicans. Mars semi-square Saturn brings losses to the Democrats. Saturn sesquisquare Neptune confirms those losses. Mars is also square Neptune at the full Moon. Mars square Neptune points to fraud. The people get fooled - again.

In the Johndro locality chart we have Saturn in the 11th house. Jupiter and Uranus are in the 4th. This shows that the Democrats, despite losses, will continue to hold on to a number of seats. The Republicans won't have a sweeping victory. The balance of Congress will shift, however, but not to an overwhelming Republican majority.

In the Johndro locality chart we have the Sun in the 11th house and the Moon in the 5th. The Johndro locality chart confirms that changes in the balance of Congress are to be expected. The people in large number favor the Republicans. Mars square Neptune, Neptune being in the 3rd house, says that the people are being fooled by the media. The media favors the neo-con agenda. It might be pointed out that the neo-cons are active in both parties, not just the Republican party. From the look of the Mars square Neptune it is possible to say that the media on both sides of the game is playing the public in order to promote an agenda that doesn't actually depend on which party wins.

Looking at the new Moon in relation to the USA chart of July 4th, 1776 (the Gemini rising chart) we see a grand trine formed by the transiting Mars and Jupiter/Uranus with the US natal Mercury. This is very favorable for the Republicans. We also see transiting Saturn trine the US natal Uranus; favorable to the Democrats, but transiting Saturn is square the US natal Sun. Saturn square Sun does not favor the Democrats who are now conveniently being blamed for the economic mess the country is in. The Republicans in this chart appear to be more favored than the Democrats.

The prediction is that the Republicans will gain over the Democrats in the race. And there will be some degree of fraud in the polling.

Looking at Albuquerque where this writer currently resides, we have Mars in the 7th house trine Jupiter and Uranus in the 11th, and Saturn in the 5th semi-square Mars and sesquisquare Neptune in the 10th. The Republicans will win the majority. Neptune in the 10th house sesquisquare Saturn in the 5th warns of trickery in high places.

The market outlook from the full Moon is mixed. The chart made for the NYSE shows the full Moon in the 10th house denoting changes in market activity; the market will be more volatile over the coming couple of weeks. Jupiter conjunct Uranus, both conjunct the Mid Heaven trine Mars shows the market soaring. Saturn sesquisquare Neptune shows sharp drops. Neptune rules the MC of the chart. The market will appear skittish. The overall movement, however, will be upwards.

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