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Astrological report on Saturn's entry into Libra


Saturn entered Libra on July 21st at 3:09 PM GMD. Upon entering Libra Saturn is in direct opposition to Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and square to Pluto in Capricorn. The opposition of Saturn and Uranus is most exact and comes to exact to the minute and second on Monday, July 26th.

Saturn is exalted in Libra where he expresses his best qualities. Saturn organizes. The opposition of Uranus to Saturn tells us that the process of organization in the world is being thwarted. Uranus reorganizes. This shows up in all the vexed social, religious, political and economic issues currently affecting the governments and legal institutions of the world. Uranus tells us that the old patterns of organization will not work now. Uranus in opposition to Saturn tells us that new approaches to organization must be explored in order to get beyond the dangers of social and economic breakdown. Saturn and Uranus are both in critical degrees. This shows these matters in a state of crisis for the entire world. The crisis condition is being affected by Uranus who is demanding reorganization. Saturn intends Justice.

Saturn opposite Jupiter is telling us that the entire economic picture in the world is coming to correction; the liberal and conservative elements in society are in a tug of war that will continue for many months to come. The square aspect formed by Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter to Pluto complicates the picture. Problems are compounded by Pluto. This points to natural disasters.

Saturn exalted in Libra is determined to strike a balance and organize against all the complexities. Saturn in Libra means to establish Justice.

Saturn's entry into Libra has different meanings for different localities in the world. Johndro locality charts were drawn for the UK, the EU, Israel, Russia, Iran, India, China, Australia, Argentina, the US and for Albuquerque, NM where this writer resides to get an idea of what it all looks like.

Saturn in London is in the 10th house. This tells us that the executive branch of the government is being challenged to organize itself against opposition in face of serious financial complications that affect the general public. The people are strapped for money. The market will take some wild turns.

Saturn in Bruxelles is also in the 10th house. There is tension in the organization of the Euro Zone with special emphasis on the financial conditions. The members of the EU are out of balance with one another. Saturn's position in the 10th house shows the executive branch of the Union being challenged to come up with fair arrangements in order to avoid dangers of economic chaos.

Saturn in Jerusalem is in the 9th house. This expresses in an argument current in Israel about who is Jewish and who isn't. While the Orthodoxy has a strong voice in the argument, the government is moving to liberalize the rule in order to avoid a rift between the Orthodoxy and the Conservative and Reform Jewish congregations outside the land of Israel. The argument is also being complicated by the many different opinions held by the people of Israel itself which includes all the Russian immigrants that the Orthodoxy doesn't want to recognize even though they are Jewish. The Orthodoxy will have to give in.

Saturn in Moscow is also in the 9th house. This shows up in a need for Russia to reorganize her relationships with her neighbors, especially with Iran. The people of Russia are discontent. Many problems in bordering regions are unsettling them.

Saturn in Teheran is also in the 9th house. Pluto in the Teheran chart is exactly on the Ascendent. This is showing the people being very upset while the religious party must reorganize its position. Iran is in danger. Pluto on the Ascendent is a big warning. The government of Iran must reorganize its relations with foreign Powers. There may be natural disasters to compound the already dire situation.

Saturn in New Delhi is in the 8th house. This calls for a new organization of international economic relations as well as of the distribution of wealth inside India. Pluto in the 11th house shows disagreement and arguing in the Parliament about the financial situation. Imbalances in financial matters in India are reflected in political fighting. Saturn in the 8th house must find a balance between international financial dealings and the country's internal needs. Saturn in the 8th house also points to an increasing death rate, much mortality among the elderly, as well as among noted and prominent individuals and people holding government positions.

Saturn in Beijing is in the 7th house showing a serious need for China to reorganize her international relationships especially with respect to the business community. Saturn's position in the 7th house shows China having trouble with foreign Powers and demands that China reorganize how she deals with them. Saturn in the 7th house shows depression in foreign trade. When Mars comes to conjunction Saturn opposite Uranus at the end of July China's international relations will go through a very difficult moment. The stock market in China could also plummet then. Pluto in the 10th house is showing the executive branch of the government in a very difficult situation between China's aims to continue growing and her problems with foreign trade. The key for China is to find new ways to organize her relationships with the foreign Powers.

Saturn in Sydney is in the 5th house. Afflicted as he is there, Saturn lowers the birth rate and causes trouble to women and children. He also causes increases of crime against women and children, causes much vice and immorality, increases the mortality from disease, depresses the entertainment industry and brings about the death of noted entertainers. Saturn in the 5th house is unfavorable for diplomats coming to Australia, and with Pluto in the 9th house, it compounds difficulties in international trade. The chart shows wrangling in Parliament. The key for Australia is to organize creative activities and stop arguing.

Saturn in Buenos Aires is exactly on the Ascendent opposite Uranus and Jupiter on the Descendent and square Pluto in the 4th house. Argentina must organize itself against pressures and disputes with other Powers in connection with financial and trade questions. Pluto in the 4th house is showing problems in the land having to do with farming and mining that affect Argentina's foreign relationships. Pluto is also warning of a potential mining disaster and/or earthquake.

Saturn in Washington DC is in the 1st house opposite Uranus and Jupiter in the 7th and square Pluto in the 4th. Mars is also in the 1st house. The country is in an angry mood and is being called to organize against foreign Powers that act against the country's best interests. Pluto in the 4th house brings subversive elements into the land. Uranus in the 7th exactly opposite Saturn in the 1st shows trouble and unexpected complications of a serious nature in foreign relations. The key for the US is to organize and balance the outlook. The country, however, is divided and will remain so for quite some time. Pluto in the 4th house also warns of chaotic conditions affecting the land such as earthquakes and coming storms.

Saturn in Albuquerque, NM is in the 2nd house. This calls for economic organization. Saturn opposite Uranus and Jupiter in the 8th house square Pluto in the 5th shows mismanagement of money with consequential losses of revenue and danger of financial stagnation. There will be a significant change in the government come November.

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