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Astrological predictions from the new moon in Leo 8/10


New Moon at 17 degrees Leo was on August 10th at 4:09 AM GMD. Since then, the market has been falling; it comes like a long overdue rainfall. It appears the market was being manipulated illegally from behind the scenes as shown by the Jupiter/Pluto square in affect since early June this year. Jupiter will stay in orb of square Pluto until the beginning of October, and will come back into square Pluto from the end of January to mid March next year. The market is extremely unstable and tricky.

The market as seen from the new moon chart shows the classical signs of retreat. Jupiter is in opposition with Saturn. The opposition reaches exactitude to the degree between August 13th and 21st. And both Jupiter and Saturn come simultaneously to exact square Pluto between August 17th and 21st. Saturn opposite Jupiter is the classical sign for a market correction. Notwithstanding possible market manipulation from behind the scenes we can anticipate the market to continue retreating through this lunation period (August 10 - September 8) and most certainly between August 10th and 21st. Note: Mercury turns Retrograde on August 21st for changes of mind. The market conditions are treacherous.

The new moon is exactly sesquisquare Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and semisquare Saturn, Venus and Mars. Jupiter and Uranus are opposite Saturn, Venus and Mars. This says we are in a period of tensions and losses, as if we haven't seen enough already. It is best to act cautiously to avoid conflict. The universal condition is irritable and worried. There is wrangling in and between governments and in financial circles everywhere in the world.

For the UK this shows up in the areas of foreign trade, in the exchequer and in popular opposition to the government. The opposition is not yet strong enough to overturn the government, however.

For Russia this shows up in an increasing death rate. It is believed by this writer that the severe drought and fires in Russia are the result of the solar storms that may have, at least in part, been triggered by the collision of Jupiter with a comet this past spring. The solar storms have been affecting the earth's atmosphere. A big result of this will be seen in rising food prices, starvation and suffering among large numbers of people not only in Russia but in neighboring lands as well.

The earth's activity as well as the violent weather we have been seeing is also related in considerable part to solar activity. The increases in volcanic and seismic activity are a result of the earth's response to solar activity.

For Pakistan, Western China and the general region of central Asia the new moon shows severe upsets. There will be a rise in diseases along with food shortages causing many more deaths and a call for international help. Another result of all this disaster in the region will be a disorganization of local governments as if there weren't enough headaches.

For China the new moon shows complex upsets in the land and troubles in public health as well as troubles in the area of international trade.

In Australia the new moon shows deceptions in government, arguments, losses of money in international financial deals and coming upsets in the Parliament.

In the USA the new moon chart puts Pluto exactly on the nadir. Pluto is exactly square Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Venus and Mars. This may indicate an earthquake, a volcanic eruption or a big explosion somewhere in, or affecting the country. Uranus in the 6th house confirms this; it suggests explosions on warships. It denotes serious accidents and explosions. The chart also shows the outlook of the people angry with an increase in crimes. This is a discordant period for the Congress. There is a lot of arguing and contention boiling up in politics. In an article in the European Union Times Vladimir Putin was reported to have said that Senator Ted Stevens was assassinated. The Part of Assassination in the new moon chart is at 19 Aries 31 minutes in close trine with the new moon. The new moon is in the 11th house of the Congress. While we may never know, the aspect of the Part of Assassination to the new moon allows for that event.

The chart for Albuquerque, NM where this writer currently resides, shows money being wasted by the government along with much distress and discontentment among the people, want of work, loss of trade, poverty and ill health, this along with a rise in crime. The chart also shows a good chance of unsavory scandals cropping up along with an increase in the divorce rate and of law-suits.

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