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Astrological Overview for Leo August 2014

We are currently in Leo, and as such, we will focus on an astrological overview of this fiery sign for the month of August. The zodiac House of Leo is closest to the source of solar energy, position which enables Leo natives to successfully overcome difficulties and face opponents this August. The influence of Uranus will be incredibly strong and all its energies will be focused on the area of business and finances.

While financially everything goes well for Leos, there will be some issues regarding their love life. This is due to the influence if Mercury, the planet responsible for the “fall” of the Lion. Another important planet in this astrological mix is Pluto, the planet-exalt of the Leo. During the month of August, Pluto will shower Leo in negative energies, but the situation is not as grim as it may sound. The Sun will be there to defend Leo natives, balancing out the negative influences of the other celestial bodies of our solar system.

On one hand, August will bring about several unpleasant surprises, which may discourage you and leave you lifeless and stripped of energy. On the other hand, the Sun will empower you with its beneficial energies, so that you may have the power and the courage to face any hardship. Therefore, August will be a balanced month: the stars may not bless you with incredible gifts, but they will not crush you under a wave of negativity either.

This August try to surpass your own standards and skill-levels. Offer to take the bigger projects at the workplace and then do your best in planning, organizing, and developing them. By raising the bat as high as you can you will force yourself to outgrow your current level of competence, just keep in mind that raising the bar should imply a rise in the quality of your work and not just in quantity. In other words, take two or three projects which are most likely to help you grow and achieve more in your life. With enough confidence – and that isn’t an issue for your, Leo, right? – and a strong desire to make a difference, you will achieve amazing things, despite the relatively negative astrological circumstances.

Regarding your personal relationships, there is one main piece of advice that you should heed, Leo: don’t look back. Don’t analyze past relationships and life partners, don’t wallow in your own pain and suffering, and don’t relive past disappointments. It’s not worth it. This will only cause you pain over something which can’t be changed – the past. As for your present relationships, you may face some disagreements with your life partner during the first week of August. Again, don’t use past experiences to fuel the arguments. Stay calm and focused, and try to gracefully combine your point of view with that of your partner.

Furthermore, learn to forgive. The passionate, fiery nature of Leos makes it difficult for them to swallow their pride or to leave behind something they perceive as a personal affront. If your life partner does something that annoys you, stop for a moment and ask yourself: did he/she do this on purpose? Did my actions contribute to the current situation as well? What may his/her behavior actually reveal about our relationship? You may discover that you can learn a lot about your relationship simply by asking these questions.

Bottom line, August tends to be a negative month for Leos, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The Sun will be on their side, constantly pumping energy and vitality into their lives. It’s a great time to invest in your personal growth and to put your creativity to good use.

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