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Astrological Happenings for May 2014-We can finally breathe!

Cosmic News: Astrological Happenings for May 2014

May is here! Who has been waiting impatiently for the month of April to be over and for the month of May to enter? You are most likely saying YES! Many of you have felt the intense energies (positive or negative) that April bore upon us; whether the energy was internally inside of us or externally thrown at us. So much was happening astrologically around us that it is impossible for anyone NOT to have felt it. However, May is here! We can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Well, to be more precise we can breathe more calmly after May 20th. The intense energy of April’s Grand Cardinal Cross (forcing us to change) will still be here in the first week of May. It will slowly fade away to the horizon as we approach May 15th when the Full Moon enters Scorpio at 23 degrees.

Last month’s energy was all about realizing a change about ourselves in order to make our life (as well as other people’s lives) better and more fulfilled. We were forced to look within ourselves and see what needed to be eclipsed from our life that no longer serves us. Or we opened our eyes to new perspectives and outlooks that required a positive change within ourselves to make a situation better. Since it was a big change, it is not likely to happen overnight. No, the change will take time (possibly six months) to manifest.

So what we had in April was an emotional roller coaster ride that seriously took a toll on our health and energy. April was an exhausting draining month! The way I see it, is that in April we SAW the change and majority of us resisted the change. As the end of the month nears and as we enter May, we will now come to ACCEPT the change. We will have positive astrological energies to help us accept the change such as the Solar Eclipse in Taurus that occurred on April 28th; as well as the beautiful Venus who will enter Aries on May 2nd. Finally, when the Full Moon enters Scorpio on May 14th, we will come to FULL TERMS with the change; meaning the completion of the intense energy of April. It is like we are closing the deal with the change and agreeing to the change. By May 14th, the Full Moon’s energy should alleviate all that built up tension from April because we are not resisting the change no more. Nor or we being forced to make changes. Rather we are WANTING to make the changes. That’s why we can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

A new vibrant energy should be felt by mid-May and remain with us for the rest of 2014. At the second half of May, we will be feeling more alive, stress-free, and rejuvenated. The planet Mars will go direct on May 19th in the sign of Libra, so we will be on action mode once again. We will want to be on the move and feel like we can take on anything and anyone. The day after on May 20th we will have a New Moon in playful Gemini. Given that we had such an eventful and unforgettable April, having a New Moon in Gemini is like a vacation we badly needed! We can defiantly use the fun energy of Gemini to relax our nerves and let loose. Enjoy life, hang out with friends, share, and party!

Unlike April, May is filled with great lively energy, especially after the 15th. So take a deep breathe, fill your lungs with all that intense April feeling, and release it all back to the Universe. Now doesn’t that feel good to let go off some of that intensity! Do note, that just because you are more relax in May does not mean you can forget about the ‘change’ you realized in April. You still have to make the change. With the new May energy though, making the change will be more fun and exciting (if you do not resist it). Enjoy this month, you deserve it!

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