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Asteroid will pass by Earth closer than the moon

The asteroid that is scheduled to pass by the Earth on Wednesday, March 5, will be closer than the Moon. Astronomers who are watching the asteroid carefully insist that it doesn’t pose any danger to the Earth.

Asteroid will pass between Earth and Moon
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This newly discovered asteroid has been named 2014DX110. It will past between the moon and Earth and only be approximately 217,000 miles away.

Should the asteroid hold its course, at 217,000 miles away it would be about nine-tenths of the distance from the moon and Earth. It will actually pass by closer to the moon than to us.

Astronomers have estimated that the asteroid is 45 to 130 feet across. Asteroids pass between the Earth and moon all the time.

This time asteroid 2014DX110 will be closer than normal.

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