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Assumptions People Make About My Family

Don’t you just love it when people make assumptions and make remarks like, “I wouldn’t allow my child to act like that.” Yeah, let me know how that works. Your baby is only 3 weeks old.
My statement to that is, just wait, and I will sit back and watch to see what a “perfect” child looks like.

Raising our mixed family

People see us out in public with our 7 children, some adopted some birth children, some are white, some are black and some are biracial. People honestly think it is okay to make comments. We were in Pizza Hut one day with our 3 year old who is biracial and his friend who is as white as snow, with blond hair and blue eyes. A waitress came up to our table and asked if the boys were twins. My husband without missing a beat said “yes they are.” I almost fell in the floor giggling. Poor women, perhaps she will get it one day.

Shopping with my seven kids
Shopping is fun too. We were shopping with our 7 children and as we were shopping a woman came up to me and came over to where we were trying on shoes and said “You must be catholic.” No we are actually Southern Baptist but that didn't deter her. People astonish me. They just take it upon their selves to make these assumptions. Then sometimes I will get someone a little bolder. “Don’t you think you have enough?” She asked me. “No, as a matter of fact I’m pregnant again.” She looked like she was going to faint. “People like you are what’s wrong with the welfare system.”

I chose to send the kids to find their dad because I didn't want them seeing their mom lose it with this woman. She had pushed my last button. I knew this was going to get ugly because I stared shaking and when that happens you better watch out. I went off on her explaining that first of all it wasn't any of her business, we have never received any government assistance, which by the way if we did it still wasn't any of her business. She shut her mouth and walked away.

Don’t automatically make assumptions about our family or anyone else’s. It’s no one’s business but Gods and ours to determine what is best for my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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