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Assuming vs. Seeing What Is: Assume much?

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All is one.

There is nothing to grasp.

Learn to still the mind.

God does not come "down" from some place in the sky only to speak with a select few.

God is in ALL; God IS all.

John 1:1 King James Version, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

If you cannot hear the word, so to speak, “you” are what stands in the way.

The presence of God never leaves us. It is we who venture in other directions, consciousness wise, meandering here and there, allowing our minds to wander, and to lead us astray. It is we who lend our focus to those things that will keep our energy and consciousness focused in the lower states of experiencing in this earthly realm.

Repeat in the light, example, and vibration that was set forth and exemplified by St. Francis: “It is God who sees through these eyes, speaks through this mouth, and hears through these ears.”

Take this with you as you walk thorough each day. Practice it. Feel it.

If single-pointed focus is what you seek, choose a tool that works for you, and get to practicing! Learn to still the mind, so that you may see what IS.

The word is ALL THAT IS, it is everything that you can see with your eyes, it is everything that you can feel with your body, and it is everything that you can “feel” with the senses and realities that are beyond the body, that are beyond this physical realm of form.

If it is your desire to learn ever more about this truth, you will find a way to teach yourself this truth.

The only "thing" that prevents awareness of what IS, is one's own clarity or non-clarity of mind.

Learn to employ the mind when you are seeking to actively create in this world of form. Learn to rest in the states that are beyond mind, when you are not in an active state of outward creation.

Mind is the medium through which we create in this world of form.

If/when you are participating in a process of “assuming,” you are not “seeing” (seeing as in being fully present in/with what is). Assuming is a mentally active process and leads to a sort of blind-sightedness with regard to what indeed, IS.

Silence your assumptions. These are learned through experience, and in this sense, they are very limited. What the mind and body have learned through experience are but tiny points of reference when it comes to All That Is.

Learn to see/experience from the place that is beyond mind. You can be the horizon i.e., you can learn to move through this world from the space as within that is open to All That Is, or you can continue identifying yourself with actions that are akin to remaining but a mere point on the horizon.

Ignorance is the mis-identification of the Spirit with the earthly. Meditate on this. This may appear logical to you on many levels of experiencing, for your soul knows this truth. However, this practice is shared so that your mind too, can more fully wrap itself around this truth and thus free itself of any illusions in action that it and the body may still be participating in as of now. This is about bringing this "understanding" into the higher vibrational levels of experiencing in this world.

The Higher or Awakened Mind, the mind that works for/with you and not you for it, abides not in a state of seeking, but rather in a flowing acceptance of what IS.

Allow the Divine flow to flow through you.

Presence and stillness of mind deepen your experience with/of others, and in ways that go far beyond seeing others as mere reflections of the small point that is "you."

Continue in your expansion, and in recognition that this is an on-going and ever-deepening experience.

Awaken to the space that exists just beyond "you-me" consciousness.

See/feel the spark of God as it flows through all of creation.

Above all, Know Thyself, and To Thine Own Self Be True.

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