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Assouline Launches New Book Celebrating The Cellier aux Monies Winery

Nestled in the luxurious Plaza Hotel, the Assouline book shop is small wonder that houses some of the greatest titles published by the company. The inviting and stunningly styled shop was also the setting for the famed publishing company’s latest book launch, Nine Centuries In The Heart of Burgundy. A beautifully chronicled book on the history of the Cellier aux Moines winery, Nine Centuries In The Heart of Burgundy is both unexpected and richly passionate. Documented by Historian, Gilles Platret and Philippe Pascal, the epic tale of burgundy wine is detailed, emphasizing on its spirited origins, regional influences and its modern revival.

Philippe & Catherine Pascal
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Assouline Publishing Launches New Book
Courtesy of Assouline

Prior to stepping into the wine making business, Philippe Pascal enjoyed a colorful and vibrant career managing luxury companies such as Veuve Clicquot, Moet-Hennessy and prestigious watch and jewelry brands under LVMH. Embarking on a new journey with his wife Catherine, the Pascal’s purchased the Cellier aux Moines property in 2004. Unknowingly stepping onto centuries old historical ground, the Pascal’s soon realized the treasure they had stumbled upon. Reviving the old winery and modernizing vintage wine making techniques, the Pascal’s launched their introductory vintage in 2006.

One of the greatest reasons why the Pascal’s wine is unique is the care and passion they put into the art of wine making. Usually a headache-inducing beverage, Marguerite Pascal, daughter of Philippe and Catherine jokingly commented on the taste of traditional reds which often times taste like you’re licking the wooden barrel in which it was made. While I wholeheartedly agree with her opinion, the Pascal’s wine drastically stands out against typical red wines.

A wine that encapsulates the spirit of both Philippe and Catherine, their unique red is both flowery and light like Catherine and yet robust like Philippe. The Pascal’s love and passionate take on the art of wine making is evident in every glass and present on each page of Nine Centuries In The Heart of Burgundy.

Like all its books, Assouline Publishing masterfully documents the history of all its subjects. Incorporating the greatest pieces of each topic’s respective history, each book features images, text and lost gems that make each story unique and memorable. As was done with the Pascal’s journey at Cellier aux Monies winery, the true passion the Pascal’s have for wine is more and more evident with each passing page. A truly interesting and wondrous look inside the unique history and process of wine making, Nine Centuries In The Heart of Burgundy is a must-have book for not only the wine enthusiast in your life, but for all those that appreciate a tale of epic proportions.

Red Wine Beauty Benefits:
Sipping on Cellier aux Monies wine will not only drift you to beautiful Burgundy, France, but it will also make you more beautiful. Red wine packs a punch with beauty benefits that tackles signs of anti-aging and dull, lackluster skin. Rich in antioxidants which rid skin of damaging free radicals and toxins, a glass of red wine can lead to a more healthier and radiant complexion. Additionally, properties in wine can reduce the signs of anti-aging in skin.

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