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Assorted tips and ideas from the 2014 IKEA catalog

Wall-mounted cabinets can literally free up much-needed floor space. Adding Patrull corner bumpers will make those cabinet corners less sharp.

The 2014 IKEA catalog

With a removable and machine-washable cover, the sofa can cope with any kind of activity.

Layering rugs is an easy way to warm up a cold floor.

IKEA's Stockholm line of sofa cushions mold to your body and then change again when you get up. They'll provide great comfort for years to come. And they're “green”!

Plants make a room come alive. And they're good for the air, too.

Trendig is a new concept and collection that combines the typical Scandinavian design by combining traditional Swedish with typical Chinese form. The limited edition collection will be available in Spring 2014 (while supplies last in select IKEA stores).

In the IKEA Family shop at the IKEA stores there are many safety products for your home. One example is the Patrull crocodile-shaped bathtub mat that will prevent both young and old from slipping in the bathtub. The mat retails for $6.99; the IKEA family member price is $4.99.
For more info, go to Membership is free!

For something totally different, cover your walls with fabric. It's not as permanent as wallpaper and allows you to change every now and then.

Textiles improve the look, sound and feel of any room.

Mixing and matching only have one rule: if things are beautiful to you, they will always have the right style.

If an item's in sight, then it's in your mind. Give your things a good home and make it part of your decoration too.

Boxes are great for keeping your everyday things out of the way but close at hand.

The best storage solution is often right before your eyes. Storing things under the bed or inside the foot stool makes great use of forgotten spaces. This is perfect for chunky big bags or seasonal stuff.

Did You Know That.....

LED light bulbs uses up to 85% less energy and lasts up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs?
By 2016, IKEA will switch all its lamps and light bulbs they sell to LED.

All faucets from IKEA have a water-saving device.

Currently, 88% of waste in IKEA stores worldwide is sent for recycling or used for energy production; the company's goal is to reach 100%.

By packing things flat, IKEA's able to lower transportation emissions together-from factory to store to home (in 1955, the Lovet side table was the first flat pack product sold at IKEA. The table's now back as Lovbacken).

IKEA products are made to last; the mattresses even have a 25-year warranty (and can last even longer, if properly taken care of).

Source: The 2014 IKEA catalog


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