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Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad save lives and help dreams come true

Arts for the Children
Arts for the Children
MArilyn Pean

Many organizations are formed to help communities throughout the nation such as A.M.H.E. The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad is an organization that was founded in 1972 by a group of young Haitian physicians in training in New York City. The goal in mind for these young physicians was to focus on the interest of Haitian immigrants throughout communities. For many years that was done and the word spread fast as many more physicians joined together all over the United States with the same focus in mind.

The movement of physicians reached South Florida ten years later and actively been in support of the Haitian community. The passion to make a difference in Haiti and its medical conditions are also the objective of A.M.H.E.

To keep the foundation strong, events such as the benefit gala on December 21,2013 aides in funding the different projects the association is committed to. The Art for the Children at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida represented elegance, unity and commitment to lend a hand to others. The entertainment at the event such as the Jus Hip Hop group of Pembroke Pines, Florida embodied talent and charisma at the benefit for the children of Haiti. Other events in South Florida are formed during the year to continue the hope in the Haitian community.

Association des Medcine Haitien a L'entranger or A.M.H.E. has the same strength and mission set for 2014 that it did in the past. The association headed by Carmel Barrau M.D. and supported by physicians such as Romane Joseph, M.D. has an agenda for the new year that is sure to strengthen the Haitian community in South Florida and the country of Haiti.