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Association of College and Research Libraries Seeks Journal Editor

The Association of College and Research Libraries (A.C.R.L.) welcomes applications and nominations for the position of Book Review Editor of College & Research Libraries (C&RL), the scholarly research journal of the A.C.R.L. The Book Review Editor will work closely with the Editor, members of the Editorial Board, production staff, and a team of reviewers to provide reviews of new publications pertinent to academic and research librarians.

The A.C.R.L. Publications Coordinating Committee (P.C.C.) will appoint the Book Review Editor for an initial, three-year term and will be expected to shepherd the publication of a minimum of six reviews per C&RL issue for a total of a minimum of thirty-six reviews per calendar year.

A division of the American Library Association (A.L.A.), the A.C.R.L. is the higher education association for librarians. Representing more than 11,500 academic and research librarians, the A.C.R.L. states it "is the only individual membership organization in North America that develops programs, products and services to help academic and research librarians learn, innovate and lead within the academic community."

Founded in 1940, the A.C.R.L. is committed to advancing learning and transforming scholarship. The A.C.R.L. has Web pages on the A.L.A. Web site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

Applicants must be a member of A.L.A. and A.C.R.L. Qualifications include professional experience in academic libraries; experience as a reviewer for an academic journal; the ability to identify, prioritize and distribute materials for review in the journal; the ability to maintain and organize a team of qualified reviewers; the ability to manage the flow of materials from publishers to reviewers to production staff; excellent communication skills; the ability to meet, and hold others to, deadlines; and familiarity with trends in higher education and library and information science publishing.
The P.C.C. will make the appointment upon the recommendation of the C&RL Editorial Board. The book review editor will begin a three-year term of appointment immediately upon approval by the P.C.C.

The A.C.R.L. states “A nominal honorarium may be available for this position, pending final review” of the C&RL editorial budget. This being the case, this is a post one can only accept if one has a day job or another source of income, something one does for love of the work and the prestige that comes with the title.

Applications and nominations (including self-nominations), including a current C.V. and a statement addressing the nominee’s qualifications in the areas noted above, should be sent to Scott Walter, Editor, College & Research Libraries swalte11 [at]

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, April 21, 2014. Finalists will be interviewed by conference call during May of 2014.

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